You Can Drink At Two Vineyards In Georgia At The Same Time This October

Tickets are less than $40.
Two Vineyards in North Georgia Are Hosting A Dual Wine Festival This October

There's magic in the North Georgia mountains, especially in the wine produced up there. The north side of the state is home to several largescale vineyards that rival the ones in Italy. Visiting one vineyard is a treat in itself, but one upcoming fall festival in Dahlonega is upping the standard. This North Georgia wine festival allows you to vineyard hop between two of the finest vineyards in Georgia, maybe even the Southeast. 

The Fusion Wine Festival on Oct. 19 is taking place at two vineyards simultaneously. You can take a shuttle (or drive) between Kaya Vineyard and Dahlonega Resort and Vineyard for some serious day drinking fun. 

The vineyards are only one mile apart from each other, but you'll have a completely different experience at each one. Dahlonega Resort and Vineyard is releasing their new wine at the event (that's exclusive to the vineyard), so your taste buds will have a unique experience at each location. 

Even the menus at each location are different. At Kaya, you'll chow down on some good ole Southern barbecue. At Dahlonega, you can pick from an exclusive menu at their ultra-chic restaurant. 

The one thing that does tie these two venues together is the incredible live music you'll hear (including a Prince tribute), the assortment of games and entertainment, and the gorgeous views you'll be taking in. 

You can experience double the fun at a reasonable price. Tickets are $38 and include access to both venues and 10 wine tasting tickets. You'll also snag merchandise from both vineyards and a stemless wine glass at no extra cost. 

Hit the road early because the party starts at 11 a.m. and ends at 5 p.m. 

If you're a self-proclaimed wine-o, the Wine Over Water Fest and Vineyard Fest are more wine celebrations made especially for you and the girls. 

Fusion Wine Festival 

Price: $38 

When: Oct. 19 

Address: 5400 Town Creek Rd, Dahlonega, GA 30533 (Kaya) + 400 Blueberry Hill, Dahlonega, GA 30533 (Dahlonega Resort)

Why You Need To Go: You can enjoy the beauty and wines of two separate venues, all at one reasonable price. 


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