You Can Go On A Relaxing Dolphin Cruise In South Georgia For Under $20

Get your cameras ready.
You Can Go On A Relaxing Dolphin Cruise In South Georgia For Under $20

Tybee Island is about a half hour away from the large city of Savannah, Georgia. It has a variety of sandy beaches and lighthouses that you can explore. There is even an annual Pirate Festival in the fall that many people from near and far, come to attent.

Some may think you must travel more south towards Florida to experience dolphin and marine life sightings. Tybee Island actually has beautiful dolphin tours for affordable prices, where you will come face-to-face with these creatures. 

Captain Mike's Dolphin Cruises takes off at Tybee Island, Georgia. They offer sunset dolphin cruises, day dolphin cruises, and deep-sea fishing excursions. These are activities everyone in your group can enjoy. 

Since 1992, these tours have been giving locals and visitors an experience like no other. It is a rare outing that you cannot partake in, in just anywhere in the state. This is what makes seeing these majestic creatures so neat. 

Guests of this excursion will be introduced to bottle-nose dolphins, the headliners of this boat cruise. These animals can swim up to 18 miles per hour, so they can keep up with your cruise. 

As you set off on your trip, your boat will leave from Lazaretto Creek Marina. Many shrimp boats are docked around this area and the vibe is a little earie. It will feel like you are in a Jaws movie. 

You will not only see dolphins on this cruise, but you will also see some of the history Tybee Island has to offer. There is the 1856 Cockspur Lighthouse, which is the smallest lighthouse in Georgia. It also gives you a glimpse of Fort Pulaski.

Passing the north beach of Tybee, you will see the famous Tybee Island Lighthouse. This is when you will want to take out your camera to snap some photos. 

Going further out into the ocean, you might be able to see sea turtles swimming around. Tybee is actually apart of the a sea turtle project where they do everything they can to protect them. 

There have been people questioning whether they will definitely see dolphins on their trip. Captain Mike's says there is a 99% chance you will see them on your trip. 

This tour is all looks, but no touching. It is illegal to touch the dolphins and you could even get arrested for doing so. 

You can expect to be on your tour anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half. These are wild animals, so you never know where the dolphins might be. 

You can even bring your pup on your adventure as well! Your pet must be up-to-date on their shots and cannot be a "barker." They do not want your little friend scaring away the sea life. Only dogs are allowed on the boat at this moment. 

This cruise is only $15, which is a steal. It is an excursion that will not break the bank and you get to see dolphins like you never have before. 

After your adventure, you should stop in Savannah, Georgia, which is just 30 minutes up the road and find this hidden brunch/dinner spot in the heart of the city. Most have to drive through Savannah to get back to their hometown, so this is a great place to stop after your day excursion. 

Captain Mike's Dolphin Tours 

Price: $15

Address: 1 Old US Hwy 80, Tybee Island, GA 31328

Why you should go: You will come face to face with dolphins and see them swim and play right next to your boat. It is a different excursion that just going to the beach and it is affordable.

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