You Can Be A True Explorer At Ontario's Largest Known Underground Cavern

This is an adventure lover's dream!
Tyendinaga Caverns And Caves Are An Adventure Lover's Dream Trip

We’re headed down under! Underground, that is. If you’re looking to take your next Ontario escapade to a whole new level (literally), then you need to add the Tyendinaga Caverns and Caves to your ever-lengthening bucket list ASAP. 

Located in Belleville, Ontario, these caves and caverns are the largest in the province.

And they’re just a two-hour drive from Toronto, too. 

Um, do we smell the perfect future day trip destination?

As you wander through the depths of these natural caves you’ll discover all kinds of geological formations and fossils that are over 450 million years old. 

The temperature in this underground den hovers around 10C, which can be especially refreshing on a hot summer day.

But if you’re someone who absolutely despises the cold, you might want to pack a light sweater. 

According to the Tyendinaga Caves website, visitors should remember to bring flat sensible shoes and a flashlight for exploring dark side passages. 

You might also want to bring some loose change to toss into the crystal-clear wishing well. 

When the caves are open, guided tours are available every 20 minutes, with each tour taking about 45 minutes to complete. 

You won’t believe how much history is wrapped up in these rock walls.

According to the website, the caves, which have been around since the 1800s, were formed naturally by water flows that shaped and moulded them into the sight they are today.

Cave owners Charles and Elizabeth Koch put in roughly 14 years of work to ensure these underground areas were safe for public exploration. 

Floors and staircases have been added to the cave, making it easier to navigate, but the rock walls remain in their beautiful, natural state.

While these might be the largest caves in Ontario, they’re certainly not the only ones out there for you to discover.

Roughly the same distance from Toronto, you can find these ancient spiralling caves as well.

Adventure truly is all around us in this province!

So if you’re looking for new and unique places to wander, why not head underground? Cave in to the pressure and add this to your list.

Be sure to keep your eyes on the Tyendinaga Caverns and Caves Facebook page for updates on when they will open for the summer season.

Tyendinaga Caverns and Caves

Price: $14

Address: 2623 Harmony Rd., Belleville, ON 

Why You Need To Go: You can get lost (not literally, preferably) on an underground journey through ancient caves.

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