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Tyendinaga Protests Are Setting Fire To Train Tracks In Ontario (VIDEO)

Protestors are fighting back against CN rail as they continue to protest near the tracks in support of the Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs. According to CBC, several tire fires have been started on train tracks in Tyendinaga, Ontario, in a continuation of the Mohawk territory protests. The Tyendinaga protest, which occurred at a camp located near the group's initial blockade, began after CN trains began moving through the area.

Images of the flames were quickly posted on social media as Facebook live streams of the event appeared online. In the photos, two small fires can be seen. It appears one tire was placed on the tracks and the other off to the side.

It was also reported that multiple protestors were standing on the tracks during the protest, remaining there as long as they could before trains travelled past. 

A video showing a group of protesters lighting fires as the trains travels through the area was also posted. Offering a better glimpse at the circumstances surrounding the demonstration.

Global News reported that protestors had lit several other fires on Wednesday morning. However, police and firefighters were able to extinguish those flames and help standard train traffic resume.

It is uncertain at the moment if the police will use the same method to put out the new flames.

Photos of the incident show OPP officers are on-site, but they reportedly have "no plans" to confront the protesters at the moment.

The OPP made efforts on Monday to deconstruct the Tyendinaga Township rail blockade, which has disrupted rail service since it was set up earlier this month by the Wet'suwet'en Nation.

The controversial tactics employed by police spurned a public outcry from those who hoped for a more peaceful resolution. The alleged "use of force" sparked new protests across the country.

The protests have caused country-wide divisions with massive demonstrations taking place in several Canadian cities.

Via Rail was forced to suspend 1,000 of its employees as a result of the affected routes.

Toronto's Union Station was plunged into chaos on Tuesday evening after a group of protesters blocked westbound GO trains from travelling through the Hamilton region.

Long wait time due to delays wreaked havoc on the city's evening commute as photos of the overcrowded flooded onto social media.