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Tyga Is Still Obsessed With Kylie Jenner And He's Trying To Meet Baby Stormi Again

We thought that Tyga finally got the memo and stopped bothering Kylie, but he didn't. After she announced her pregnancy and the dust settled, we didn't hear much from Tyga. Fans thought that the rapper had finally moved on, but the jokes on us - he's still very much into Kylie and her baby.

You may have noticed that yesterday, Tyga posted a "throwback" pic of himself when he was a baby. Strange coincidence that he posted that 21 hours ago... and Kylie posted her brand new photos of Stormi and herself cuddling... 21 hours ago.

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We're not completely surprised that Tyga is still trying to prove that he's Stormi's father. After he posted this picture of himself, fans started saying that Stormi looks just like him. Seriously, if you look at the comments from that photo, it's littered with "You and Stormi are twins!" and "Somebody call Maury".

But that's not all. According to Hollywood Life, Tyga is still determined to meet Stormi with or without Kylie's permission. It's reported that the rapper isn't taking no for an answer. Kylie reportedly blocked Tyga's number because he wouldn't leave her alone.

Apparently, Tyga is now asking Kourtney's ex, Scott Disick for help. Reportedly, he has been begging Scott to help him meet the baby. Tyga is fully convinced that if he meets Stormi in person, he will know for sure whether or not the baby is his.

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We think that Kylie is super happy with the new T (Travis Scott, duh) and Tyga should move on and leave the poor girl alone.