Over the past two years, it was hard not to read in the headlines that 27-year old Tyga was head-over-heels for 19-year old Kylie Jenner. They made appearances on red carpets, the small screen and each other's Instagrams on a regular basis throughout their relationship. The two began dating in 2015 and often went under heavy criticism for their notable age gap. Jenner was a mere 17-years old when the two first got together, causing tons of drama both on Keeping Up With The Kardashians and the public/press. 

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The two made headlines everywhere after Tyga confirmed a relationship with Kylie through his song & video Stimulated - that touches on the couple's sex life with the lyrics "They say she young, I shoulda waited, but she a big girl dog when she's stimulated." 

Tyga had just broken ties with one Blac Chyna - a woman in which he shared a 4-year relationship and son with - causing even more upset to his existing fan-base. Now that the rapper is single again, he confessed to The Breakfast Club that he finally "feels like himself again" after 7-months without Kylie. 

"I'm not in love with her no more," Tyga said casually. "I have love for her but, I'm not in love with her no more. [Last time I was here] that was the honeymoon stage. You get with anybody and the first year's like magic but after that you start like realizing a buncha shit." Hmm. Do you think he was like realizing stuff and like realizing things? Is this where Kylie got her famous phrase from?? 

"When it was good, it was really good. But when it was bad, it was terrible,"notes Tyga, who ignored all critics including one Amber Rose who called the rapper out for leaving "the mother of his child for a little girl." 

Tyga spilled that Kylie's age was a factor in their relationship because "image and perception were everything to her" and that a lot of outside influences made problems in their relationship. He also claims to have helped Kylie become more "urban" and also credits Kylie for more women and "Middle America" fans coming out to his shows. 

When asked about Kylie's new boyfriend Travis Scott, Tyga says there's no bad blood. "We'd been broken up for seven months. He's not in the wrong, I have no hard feelings." For now, Tyga is enjoying a Jenner-less, drama-less life, saying that now Kylie is with Travis Scott, there's been no negative press about him. Tyga hints that the Kardashians might have been behind rumours of him being broke. "[People who control the media] don't like seeing rappers with young white women, that's how it is. I feel like myself again and way more free." 

Power to you, Tyga. Let's just hope you can survive the Kardashian curse.