When Kylie Jenner and rapper Tyga coupled up, the media was super against the match. And rightfully so. Tyga and Kylie coupled up when she 17 and he 25, causing for a great deal of controversy in the press. When Kylie and Tyga finally called it quits, not only were the Kardashians thrilled, but Tyga ceased relevancy in the press almost immediately. 

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The two were very serious when they were together, each spoiling the other with lavish gifts. On Kylie's 19th birthday, he gifted her a luxe white Lamborghini. They even lived together in Kylie's Hollywood Hills mansion up until April of 2017. 

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As Christmas approaches, it becomes a lonely time for single people. Or in Tyga's case, thirsty people. The rapper seems to be missing Kylie more than ever, thinking about her, and snapping pictures. 

​​​​​​​Tyga posted these diamond-incrusted heels to his story the other day that look unmistakably like some heels Kylie owns. These are super her style. I wouldn't be surprised if Tyga was trying to snag Kylie's attention as she's been super low key these days. Aaaand her romance with Travis Scott is kept even more quiet than before. Could 2018 be the year of Kyga 2.0? Let's hope not.