This big-time rapper is heading into 2020 with his "Mask on" following the release of his newest music video. Tyga's "Ayy Macarena" music video took channeling Jim Carrey to a whole other level. Using scenes from The Mask, Tyga made fans feel like they were watching the iconic 90s comedy. 

Over the years, celebs have channeled Canada's comedian Jim Carrey over and over. From Gigi Hadid's iconic Jim Carrey Halloween costume to Ariana Grande getting a tattoo in honour of the actor's role on The Truman Show, there's been no shortage of tribute to his work.  

Like Gigi Hadid, Tyga decided to dress up in Jim Carrey's iconic yellow suit from The Mask, but instead of leaving it at that, he reenacted entire scenes from the film. 

His song "Ayy Macarena" was released just last month and has already racked up 35 million views. It also happens to be a remix of the original 1993 hit "Macarena."

The music video opens up with the beginning of the original "Macarena" video and slowly transitions into a mess of extreme animation that parodies The Mask

With Tyga reenacting well-known scenes from the film like the over-the-top mouth drop, the bright yellow suit is just the cherry on top of a nostalgic, but hilarious, video. 

You can watch the full video below. 

"Ayy Macarena" is part of Tyga's newest album set to be released sometime next year. 

Jim Carrey has yet to respond to the video himself, but if his response to celebrities impersonating him in the past is any indication, his reaction should be hilarious. 

With the announcement of him potentially reprising his role as Ace Ventura, Tyga isn't the only celeb venturing into 90s territory. 

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