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Tyga's New GF Looks Identical To This Kardashian... No We Aren't Talking About Kylie

It's been a while since we've heard from/ about Tyga. After the rapper and Kylie parted ways last April, all traces of him in tabloids and the media in general disappeared. Though it seems Tyga is back on people's minds after fans realized how uncanny the similarities are between his new girlfriend and a particular Kardashian. 

While you would think we'd be talking about Kylie, we're actually talking about a different Kardashian sister, which just makes the situation straight up weird, but let's review the photos and figure out which sister we're talking about. 

Tyga’s new girl. Remind you of anyone? 😭🌚

February 6, 2018

Nope, that's not actually Kim Kardashian, instead, that's Kami Osman who's been deemed a "Kim Kardashian "look-alike" because of how much she looks like the social media mogul. Though she does boast a following of her own with 500k+ on Instagram and her own Youtube channel... but why is Tyga hanging around with her?

@kamiosmanembedded via

It turns out the pair have been hanging out with each other as early as this September after they were spotted together at dinner in LA by the DailyMail. While Tyga has been spotted with numerous women throughout the months, fans cannot get over the fact that he is actually seeing someone who looks exactly like Kylie's older sister. 

@kamiosmanembedded via

Neither Tyga nor Kami have commented on the situation, and neither have any Kardashians. Though we highly doubt they will considering "hey, do you realize your new girlfriend looks like your ex's older sister?" is a pretty awkward question to ask. In the meantime, we'll just keep scrolling through Kami's IG feed in disbelief that yet another literal Kim K clone exists.