With the ongoing health crisis, people, companies and organizations are stepping up and giving back. This ride-hailing company is working to help out people across the country during the COVID-19 pandemic. Uber Canada is having drivers deliver free meals to Canadian families that are in need right now.

To help out people all over the country, drivers with the ride-hailing company will be delivering a total of 80,000 meals on behalf of community organizations to families that are facing food insecurity.

With those drop-offs, items from food banks will be able to reach those who need them.

Drivers will leave the meals right on people's doorsteps.

The deliveries will be spread out over provinces and major cities in Canada based on the number of people in food-insecure homes.

Uber Canada's aim with this initiative is to make sure that the highest amount of families can benefit from the meals.

"With hundreds of thousands of Canadian families experiencing food insecurity as a result of the health crisis, organizations like Breakfast Club of Canada need our help more now than ever before," said Matthew Price, general manager of Uber Canada, in a news release.

Breakfast Club of Canada provides food to kids at most 2,000 schools across the country.

"Since schools were shuttered across Canada, we have continued to team up with our partners to ensure kids get enough to eat," said Tommy Kulczyk, managing director of Breakfast Club of Canada.

So, Uber Canada is helping to get meals out there to children and families.

"Their needs are on the rise. We have to keep helping one another," said Kulczyk.

To make sure the deliveries are safe and clean, drivers had to pass a background check and were given instructions by public health officials about disinfecting products.

Uber Canada has also pledged more than $6 million in free rides and meals across the country to healthcare workers, seniors and those in need.

Along with Breakfast Club of Canada, the ride-hailing company has also teamed up with different organizations and hospitals.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people and companies have stepped up to help out whether it be by giving away meals or making protective gear.