Canada's Most Commonly Ordered Delivery Food Was Revealed & It Isn't Even Poutine

What takes the top spot?
Uber Eats Canada Revealed Its Most Popular Food Orders & Poutine Isn't Number 1

It's no secret that people are ordering a lot of food right now. Uber Eats in Canada, in particular, is seeing a lot of traffic. They've even revealed people's most preferred delivery meals. Surprisingly, a Canadian delicacy doesn't top the list.

According to data provided to Narcity based on Uber Eats orders placed from March 16 to May 10, the most popular quarantine delivery item is actually butter chicken. 

Coming in second is poutine. Apparently Canadians can't go without their cheesy, gravy-smothered fries even during a pandemic. 

Proving the love for poutine even further is the fact that plain fries are all the way down in the number six spot.

Many of the other foods on the list reflect just how diverse the country is, with foods ranging from onion rings to pad thai and shawarma.

Naan also made the list at the number five spot, because let's face it: butter chicken without naan on the side is just not a meal.

Canadians are also ordering a lot of miso soup, bubble tea, and edamame, which take the third, seventh, and eighth spots, respectively.

Oddly enough, some foods that didn't make the list include pizza, burgers, and tacos.

However, most pizza places are still doing their own delivery, leaving Uber Eats to take care of restaurants that don't often send food out.

Canadians should be happy to know too that they can get Chipotle through the service now, with free delivery until May 20.

There are also plenty of helpful hacks to make the most of the Uber Eats app. They can help you save money or find exactly the type of food you're looking for.

On top of the usual dinner items, you can even get Cineplex popcorn and snacks delivered right to your door through the service.

Uber Eats has also been helping out with good causes by delivering meals to Canadian families in need.

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