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Uber Is Investigating Two Ontario Drivers For Violating Their Sexual Misconduct Rules (VIDEO)

Two viral posts from 6ixbuzztv have landed both Uber and two of their drivers in hot water.

While Uber has quickly become one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways to get around, the company had its fair share of bumps on their road to fame. One of the more prominent issues Uber has continued to face is their drivers violating the company's sexual misconduct rules. This misconduct can range from smaller infractions, such as asking a passenger if they are single, to situations as worrying as Uber drivers attempting to sexually assault the passenger they are driving. 

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The latest issue left Uber with the misfortune of the two cases going viral after videos surfaced on 6ixbuzztv's Instagram. The two separate instances both show female passengers getting too close with their drivers for Uber's own comfort: 

In the first video, a female passenger is seen dancing to music in the car and twerking on the back of her driver's chair before he spanks her. During the second video, a female passenger is filmed while kissing her driver. In both instances, the drivers are easily aware of being filmed considering both videos are using flash. 

Once Uber was alerted of the videos, they were deleted from the 6ixbuzztv account while the company undergoes an internal investigation into the two drivers that according to Uber are based in London, Ontario. Before the posts were deleted, both videos had earned over 300,000 views each. 

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As of now, Uber representatives claim they are taking "any report of this nature very seriously."Especially considering that Uber maintains a "no-sex rule" meaning "no sexual conduct between drivers and riders, no matter what," according to Uber's spokesperson, Kayla Whaling. 

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In light of the situation, Uber is also reminding both passengers and drivers of their guidelines. Uber says drivers are not allowed to:

  • Comment on someone's appearance.
  • Ask whether the other party is single.
  • Touch or flirt with other people in the car.

Clearly, Uber has their work cut out for them with these two investigations now underway. Though with so many issues similar to these two videos, as well as cases concerning aggressive drivers, it's apparent that Uber needs to figure out a way to regulate their drivers better. 

Source: CBC News