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Uber Just Invested $30 Million Dollars In Flying Taxis. Really.

Flying cars, one of the things that people in the 60’s and 'Back To The Future' thought we’d totally all be zooming around in now but no we’re still stuck with tires. 

Stupid gravity getting in the way again and ruining all of our fun. 

But Uber is trying to make flying cars a reality for its taxi service.   

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The ride sharing company has opened a lab in Paris simply for the purpose of developing the technology that will literally lift them over the competition. 

The projects official name is Uber Elavate. 

The ride sharing company is investing 30.2 million dollars Canadian over the next 5 year ( € 20 million euros) to achieve this goal.   

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Part of that money will also be going to creating AI algorithms and air traffic control systems to keep everyone safer in the air. 

“We're excited to partner with Ecole Polytechnique to shape the future of urban mobility, on the ground and in the air," said Uber chief executive Dara Khosrowshahi in a statement.  

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Uber is also working with NASA and the U.S. Army on this project as well. 

Now of course this isn’t going to happen overnight, Uber Elevate says that it hopes to have some sort of sky taxi service by the year 2023 though. 

So if this works on schedule maybe we’ll actually all get flying cars out if it. 

Source: BBC