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You Can Take A Boat Ride Through Ancient Underground Caves Just Across The Border From Ontario

Summertime is fast approaching and that brings lots of chill time and fun adventures. You should definitely try to the most of your summer months and not end up sitting there at the end of August wondering where all the time went because you didn't do any of the activities that were on your list. 

If you're looking for a seriously epic adventure to plan for the summer then you need to take a trip South of the border into New York State. You'll find the ancient underground Howe Caverns that actually began to form 6 million years ago long before Mammoths roamed the Earth! Humans discovered these caves back in the 1840s and the very first tour took place in 1842.

You can find these caves in Cobleskill, New York which is under a 6-hour drive from Toronto, under 5 hours from Ottawa, and 4.5 hours from the Ontario border near Cornwall. It might be a bit too far for a day trip but there are tons of cute cabins to rent in Upstate NY to turn it into a full weekend adventure. 

The Howe Cavern tours will take you 156 feet below ground where you can explore through a walking and boat tour. The traditional tour takes about 90 minutes where your guide will take you down into the depths of the cave in an elevator, you'll explore the immense main cavern, ride a boat through the glowing River Styx, and wander through the paths and come across some magical surprises!

On Friday and Saturday evenings you can also explore the caves with lanterns for a 2-hour tour. If you're afraid of the dark, this tour might not be for you since all you'll have to light your path is a small lantern like the original people who discovered these caves did! 

The tradition tour costs $25 for adults and the specialty tours including the evening lantern tour costs $30. But exploring the caves below aren't the only activities you can enjoy here. They also have a massive 4-tower zip line, a ropes course, a rock climbing wall, and more! 

None of these activities take place in the caves but make for a fun weekend adventure if you want to visit 2 days in a row and take part in everything.

One unique site inside the caves is found at the Bridal Altar, yes you can get married in these underground caves! The first wedding took place here back in 1854 and you can find a special glowing heart marking the spot. 

Check out their website for more information and to book your tour! 

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