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Underground Caves In Florida Include One That Gives Major Lord Of The Rings Vibes

There's a hidden door in a Florida forest that leads you on an epic underground journey. This mysterious entrance takes visitors into one of the most colorful underground caves in Florida. You'll feel like you're in Lord of the Rings when you discover this lush green passageway.  

Florida Caverns State Park is located deep in the Panhandle in the City of Marianna. If you're in Tallahassee, this magical spot is just a one-hour road trip away, making this the perfect nature escape. 

This alluring door is framed by gorgeous greenery and mossy cobblestone that looks like something straight out of the Shire. This hobbit-like passage is sure to fuel your wanderlust. 

If you choose to embark on a tour, you'll gain access to a dreamy doorway that's tucked away at the bottom of a steep staircase, and begin your exploration deep into the caves.

The guided tour is an incredible LED-lighted journey through this beautiful cavernous world. You'll wander through breathtaking stalagmites and stalactites while you explore Florida's gorgeous caverns. 

If you'd rather stay above ground, there's a fantastic tunnel cave in the park that doesn't require a guide. You can crouch and walk through a long passage that will ignite your inner Frodo.

This epic journey is worth the hype, especially for budget travelers. Overall, admission to the park is $5, a cave tour is $10.75, but the memories you'll make will be priceless. 

Florida native Aaron Phillips told Narcity that this park was the perfect day trip. "Whether you’re exploring with family, a friend, or rolling solo, there’s always an adventure to be found underground," he said.

Adventure is calling in the Panhandle, so put this secret spot on your Florida wishlist. You'll feel like you're about to begin an epic quest when you come upon this enchanting doorway. 

Florida Caverns State Park 

Price: $5 entry & $10.75 cave tour

Address: 3345 Caverns Rd., Marianna, FL

Why You Need To Go: When you pass through this magical doorway in Florida, you will be transported into the depths of stunning caves.

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