With the snow melting and the temperatures climbing we all have one thing on our mind - Summer 2017. You could spend your vacation days sipping on half melted Timmy's Ice Caps and watching Netflix or you can get off your ass and book an adventure right now.

If you're tired of predictability, sick of your routine and bored with just about everything, then it's time dust off your shiny credit card and plan your trip to the wild and remote lands of Maroantsetra, Madagascar. With over 2,300km of national park terrain and home to forests filled with rare species you can only find in the Masoala, the incredible destination is known as nature's greatest paradise for a reason.

The park is comprised of a tropical rainforest, coastal & flooded forests, marshland, and a mangrove. Being home to a wide range of habitats means that visitors are able to experience a variety of different types of wildlife and nature. The surrounding ocean is home to a number of coral reefs and an astonishing assortment of marine life, allowing for an incredible experience by land or sea.

In Masoala, you can hike through the mountains, snorkel alongside the coral reefs, relax on the beach or come face to face with some of the most unique land and water animals on the planet.

Whether you're on the hunt for your next adventure or simply want to peruse the magic of a unique ecosystem,  Masoala will definitely capture your heart. But don't take our word for it, below, we've included 13 photos of Masoala National Park that will prove that it is the most beautiful place in the world.

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