Bamboo trees are not only planted in Asia. Besides palm trees, Florida has some hidden forests with unique plant species that will transport you to a different type of paradise. If you're looking for unique state parks in Florida, Koreshan State Park offers a walk through an unusual oasis. 

The park features houses and buildings of the late 1800s and early 1900s where the settlers of the Koreshan Unity lived, worked and thrived for decades. The Koreshan Unity was a religious utopian community that was founded in upstate New York by Dr. Cyrus Teed.

According to Florida Memory, this religious group believed that the earth was a hollow containing the entire universe, and also believed in reincarnation, equality of the sexes and a biune God which was male and female. 

The early settlement of the Koreshan Unity was in this piece of paradise but the park became a historic site in 1961 after Hedwig Michel, the last Koreshan, began working with state officials. 

Currently, the park offers visitors tours with opportunities to learn more about this religion and its history. Also, there is a Cast Iron Café serving traditional Koreshan foods and desserts. The food is cooked in a traditional 19th century wood-burning stove which provides a unique taste.

After the meal, guests can walk around the bamboo trails and experience a serene atmosphere. Though bamboo is not native from Florida, this area of the park has been preserved for aesthetic purposes.

You can visit the Koreshan State Park any day of the year from 8 a.m. until sunset. This is one of the last remaining villages with a piece of old Florida history worth visiting.

Koreshan State Park

Address: 3800 Corkscrew Rd. Estero FL 33928

Hours: 365 days a year from 8 a.m. until sunset

Price: $5 per vehicle

Why you need to go: This state park has a hidden bamboo trail and a beautiful botanical garden.


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