Start up the popcorn machine! While movie theatres across the globe have been shutting down temporarily, production companies like Disney and Universal Pictures Canada are bringing theatrical entertainment straight into Canadian living rooms. Films previously meant to be shown on the big screen have now been made available to the public through various other platforms.

Universal Pictures was first to announce the decision earlier this week. They released a statement on their website that read, "rather than delaying these films or releasing them into a challenging distribution landscape, we wanted to provide an option for people to view these titles in the home that is both accessible and affordable.”

Movies like The Invisible Man, Emma, and The Hunt are currently available for a 48-hour rental on platforms like Apple iTunes and Google Play. LA Times reports that Trolls World Tour will have its previously scheduled blockbuster premiere as an online rollout on April 10 instead.

The rental will cost each household $19.99. While the price is much higher than most streaming services monthly payments, it’s substantially cheaper than a traditional movie night out.

Earlier this week, Disney also offered families with a Disney+ subscription early access to Frozen 2. However, according to iPhone in Canada, they’re also offering Canadians their recently released animated film Onward, although not on Disney+. The film is listed for pre-sale on Apple iTunes and Google Play for $24.99.

On March 24, Warner Bros. is joining in on the at-home fun and distributing a handful of movies on Apple iTunes and Google Play as well. Their movies Birds of Prey and Just Mercy will be available for purchase, according to Apple Insider.

Other films such as A Quiet Place Part II and Disney’s Mulan have opted to postpone their previous march premiere dates indefinitely.

In addition to these blockbuster movies, you can check out everything coming to Netflix and Disney+ in April 2020.

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