This Virtual Universal Studios Ride Turns Your Home Into The Jurassic Age

You'll take an 84-foot near vertical drop. 😱
Universal Studios Virtual Rides Are Available & You Can Visit The Jurassic World

Looking for an at-home adventure? Universal Studios may have closed its doors to the public last week, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a trip through time. You can visit the Jurassic Age from your couch on one of many thrilling Universal Studios virtual rides.

We've probably all wished we could hop inside a time machine at one point or another. Did anyone else grow up watching The Land Before Time?

While this 'ride' isn't an official Universal Studios tour, it can still bring a whole lot of fun into your home.

So hop inside and get ready for a wild ride.

You'll start out your journey floating through the halls of a giant aquarium filled with prehistoric monsters.

Next, you'll enter into a jungle land of mist and fog where dinosaurs greet you from atop the rocks and even pop up out of the water.

But the ride soon takes a turn for the worse. Riders will see the destruction caused by a giant Indominus Rex that broke out of its cage along with a T-Rex!

The Asset Containment Unit is called in to help and will try to calm you down. But make sure to keep a watchful eye out.

Do not try to get out of the boat. The raptors have chewed a hole in the ceiling and they're coming for you!

The only way to escape is by taking an 84-foot near-vertical plunge down the waterfall. Are you game?

Whether you're a park regular or visiting for the first time, this ride is one fun way to have a little adventure. 

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Virtual Jurassic World

Price: Free

Why You Should Go: This virtual Universal Studios ride turns your home into the Jurassic Age.