Amazon Prime's New Show Stars A Canadian & Is A Mix Of ‘Black Mirror’ & ‘The Good Place’

What if you could 'live' forever?
Amazon Prime's New Show Stars A Canadian & Is A Mix Of ‘Black Mirror’ & ‘The Good Place’

It’s the ultimate mashup! Upload, Amazon Prime’s newest series, is reimagining a technological afterlife and it’s basically Black Mirror and The Good Place mixed together. Starring Canadian Robbie Amell, it shows viewers what would happen if humans had the opportunity to ‘live’ forever.

The 10 episode series follows Nathan in the year 2033. After getting into a car accident and suffering injuries that can only be fixed with a life-threatening surgery, he considers a tech company’s new alternative to death.

In this version of the future, humans are being given the opportunity to virtually upload their consciousness onto a database. In theory, this would make them immortal. The only catch is that there’s no reversing the procedure.

When Nathan agrees to upload, he soon realizes the perfect afterlife might not be as amazing as everyone thinks.

Amell recently spoke to TV Insider and admitted that shows like The Good Place are how this series was finally able to get it’s time to shine.

Although Upload was given a chance only now, the premise of the show was created back in the late ‘80s when co-creator Greg Daniels was writing for Saturday Night Live.

The Toronto native also told TV Insider that the show isn’t just a comedy, but a sci-fi thriller that includes a lot of romance and drama.

It’s a good thing the Canadian actor has experience in so many genres.

While he starred in the romantic comedy, The Duff, he’s also worked on series like A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Flash, and early in his career was featured on the hit Canadian series Life with Derek.

Sci-fi must run in the family! Amell’s cousin, Stephen Amell, also spent eight years as the Green Arrow on the CW series Arrow.

The cousins recently premiered their superhero series Code 8 on the new streaming service Quibi.

Upload will be available to stream on Amazon Prime as of May 1. You can watch the full trailer below.

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