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New Amazon Series 'Upload' Takes You On A Trip To The Afterlife & Viewers Are Obsessed

It’s basically the new Black Mirror! Upload on Amazon Prime is giving subscribers the inside look at what a man-made afterlife could be like and they’re obsessed. Released on May 1, the streaming service’s newest sci-fi series has been getting all the hype from viewers.

The 10 episode show stars Canadian Robbie Amell as LA native Nathan. In the year 2033, a tech company has made it possible to upload your consciousness into a computerized afterlife to become virtually immortal.

After suffering fatal injuries in a car accident, Nathan agrees to be uploaded permanently. However, he soon realizes that the perfect afterlife isn’t actually all it’s cut out to be.

The series that was previously compared to hits like Black Mirror and The Good Place, is making a name of its own.

Upload has racked up an impressive 95% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes and an equally impressive 91% on Google.

Viewers have also been using Google to praise the show with their reviews describing it as, “hard-hitting,” “brilliant,” and even “one of the best tv debuts in 2020.”

When you look at the previous shows co-creator Greg Daniels has written for, the success of Upload might not come as much of a surprise.

His resume includes series like The Simpsons, Parks & Recreation, Saturday Night Live, and even The Office.

Just like those comedies, Amell told TV Insider, that despite the show’s technological vibes, viewers are still in for a good laugh.

If you’ve already binged your way through the afterlife and are looking for more Amell, you can check out his new superhero series Code 8 on Quibi.

All 10 episodes of Upload are currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video. You can watch the full trailer below.

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