Many Florida springs are crystal clear and rich in minerals, but there is an abandoned place in Florida considered the original tourist attraction. White Sulfur Springs Ruins is an abandoned bathhouse in Florida where the only thing that remains is the circular balcony overlooking the river.

Anyone is welcomed to visit the ruins where famous personalities such as Henry Ford and Teddy Roosevelt used to visit.

White Sulfur Springs was considered a health resort and spa where people would drink the water and bathe in the spring. The old four-story building was a popular attraction among the elite as it was thought to possess great healing qualities.

White Sulfur Springs was built in 1908 and it featured a clinical examination and treatment area, concession area and dressing rooms.

According to Abandoned Florida, it was believed by Native Americans that the springs had healing minerals. Upon discovery by Joseph Bryant, the place was marketed as a healing spa.

It was believed that the sulfur water in the spring could cure kidney problems, rheumatism and other physical issues such as cancer. White Springs became a very well known town with 14 luxury hotels and numerous boarding houses.

According to Atlas Obscura, the solid rock bathing pool measured 20 x 30-foot and the waters maintained a temperature of 72 ˚F. There were mechanical gates that kept the river from entering the bathing pool as well. 

Throughout the years the spring waned its beauty and in 1990 it completely dried up.

Before you go be aware of the water levels. You can see the springs from the balconies, which offer a great view of the river. You can step back in time and admire old Florida's attraction.

White Sulfur Springs Ruins

Address: Located on the riverside of US 41 in the town of White Springs, Florida.

Why you need to go: This was an iconic place back in the 20th century. 


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