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US Police Believe A Millionaire Fugitive Accused Of Murder Is Now Hiding In Canada

Police are warning Canadians of Peter Chadwick's alleged escape to Vancouver.

Police are warning the Canadian public to be on the lookout for a millionaire fugitive from the US who was arrested for killing his wife in California. 

Police in the States now believe that Peter Chadwick is hiding somewhere in Canada, specifically in Vancouver where he allegedly has some connections. 

Does this guy look familiar? The @NewportBeachPD believe wanted murderer and fugitive Peter Chadwick has ties to our area, and that he may be based in or around Vancouver. https://t.co/Q3Afvnef8U

20 September 2018

Chadwick was charged with murder in 2012 after police suspected him of killing his wife and hiding her body near the California-Mexico border. He was originally released on $1 million bail, which he was able to pay. 

He made a number of court appearances in the states before disappearing in 2013. Vancouver Police are now working with the California Police to try and find Chadwick, who they believe could be hiding in Vancouver or the surrounding area. 

Via Newport Beach Police

In order to draw attention to the case and help in Chadwick's capture, Newport Beach Police, the original department handling the case, has launched a podcast called Countdown to Capture. They are hoping that the added publicity will help someone recognize Chadwick. 

Peter Chadwick is on the US Top 15 Most Wanted list of fugitives. The are asking anyone who believes they recognize or have seen Chadwick to contact police immediately. 

Source: CTV