From the abundance of fall festivals to a choice of great diners, there is certainly no shortage of awesome places to take a date in Kansas City - especially during autumn. But sometimes, just when you think you have the perfect idea for a date, your boo shoots it down for not being romantic enough.

We get it, it can be hard being a mind reader, so since we can't give you superpowers we've instead made a list to help you pick the most romantic date ideas to take advantage of this fall in Kansas City. The only thing you have to do now is to get out there and make it happen.

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Dine on a scenic train ride

Where: Kansas Belle Dinner Train, 215 Ames St, Baldwin City

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Enjoy a formal and delicious 5-course dinner with complimentary 1940's classical music playing in the background while the train leisurely chugs along on a 3-hour ride through the scenic countryside for a truly unique dinner date.


Be your sweetheart's ride partner at Worlds of Fun

Where: 4545 Worlds of Fun Ave

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Nothing is worse than being partner-less at an amusement park. Seriously, who wants to sit by themselves - or worse, by a stranger? Luckily, you two do not have to worry about that. In celebration of the spooky season, the park is hosting their annual Halloween Haunt nights every Friday and Saturday with monstrous ticket discounts available on their website! Oh, and do not forget to wear your matching costumes. 


Movie night at the drive-in

Where: Boulevard Drive-In Theatre, 1051 Merriam Ln

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Save the Netflix and chilling for winter - take advantage of the warm weather while it's still here at the local drive-in. Fill your trunk with blankets, snacks, and drinks for an outdoor movie night your home TV or local indoor theater could never compare to. 


Ride into the sunset on horseback 

Where: Saddle Creek Stables, 5915 Norfleet

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Spend some time romantically horsing around at Saddle Creek Stables. There are over 100 acres to explore, plus another 700+ at a neighboring conservation area for your and bae to get lost in - metaphorically, of course. And when you get hungry, well they have a BBQ and picnic area. 


Harvest some apples 

Where: Cider Hill Family Orchard, 3341 N 139th St

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Hard to believe that a perfect date can be so simple, plus you can crack corny jokes about how your S/O is the apple of your eye, how you found a good apple, and how they're spoiled rotten to the core. 


Pick the perfect pumpkins (then carve them)

Where: Faulkner's Ranch, 10600 Raytown Rd

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Like the apple orchards, pumpkin patches are only seasonal, so make the most of them while they are still full of vegetation waiting to be picked. Of course, picking the pumpkin is only half the fun - carving them into something spooky (or cute) is equally as exciting. 


Escape the cold and rent a room with a fireplace

Where: Childhood home of Jazz Legend Charlie Parker

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On those chilly autumn evenings, there is no better way to spend the night than cuddling together by the fireplace with a couple of glasses of wine. There are tons of places to rent in the city with fireplaces, but we recommend this historic and rustic inn because of the great reviews. 

Spend a day getting couples treatments at the spa

Where: Spa On Penn, 4143 Pennsylvania Ave

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Let's face it if there's one thing you both deserve it is a day at the spa. Start it off with a couples massage, maybe throw in a facial, definitely jump in the jacuzzi and finish it all off in the nice, warm sauna. Who knew paradise was so close to home?


Fine dine at Café Sebastienne

Where: Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, 4420 Warwick Blvd

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If it has a name that's hard to pronounce, you know it's going to be fancy. Even more so, Café Sebastienne is actually located inside the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, offering an array of exotic seasonal dishes and eclectic wines. After your meal, browse the museum and enjoy the one-of-a-kind selection of modern art for an upper-class dining experience. 


Admire the autumn arrangements at the botanic gardens

Where: Powell Gardens, Kansas City's Botanical Garden, 1609 US-50, Kingsville

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All throughout the year, Powell Gardens has beautiful flower arrangements, but the autumn decor is truly a site to see. Our recommendation: GLOW! The magic of nature evening Jack-O-Lantern exhibit going on for one weekend this month. 


Cuddle with exotic animals

Where: Kansas City Zoo, 6800 Zoo Dr

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Walking around the zoo in itself can be a romantic and fun date, but if you really want to keep things spicy, an animal encounter should be on your list of date to-dos. What's really exciting is that the penguins are just as excited to meet you as you are to them. Cuteness overload!


Painting with a twist

Where:  6852 Johnson Dr., Mission

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Discover your inner artist together at this BYOB paint studio. While we can't promise the wine will make you a better artist, we can assume it'll add a unique perspective to the experience. Take your masterpieces home and forever be reminded of the great night you spent painting your heart out together. 


Take couple's photos together 

Where: 8183 Studio, LLC 1735 Oak Street

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Fall is one of the most picturesque seasons of the year, meaning it's the perfect time to hire a photographer from 8183 Studio to take those couple's photos you've been wanting to get done. Don't worry about having the perfect place in mind, they will take care of all those details for you - just show up looking snazzy and in love. 


Shop 'til you drop

Where: Crown Center Shops, 2450 Grand Blvd

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It may sound cliche, but shopping at the mall is one of those things that's never a bad date choice, especially when you treat your well-deserving companion to something nice.


Cool down with some ice cream

Where: Westport Ice Cream Bakery, 4120 Pennsylvania Ave Suite 14

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When you're getting hot and bothered, a trip to this whimsical hand-crafted ice cream parlor is in order. Grab a limited time fall-flavored scoop to make the most of your visit. 


Get physical in the park

Where: Weston Bend State Park, 16600 MO-45, Weston

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Kansas City is surrounded by beautiful scenery and parks. Depending on how much energy you both want to exert, you can choose to leisurely walk along the flat pathways, do a challenging uphill hike, pick a wildflower bouquet, feed the ducks, or just stare out into the horizon - no matter what you choose to do, you can both feel good about bonding in the great outdoors. 

Take a seat and enjoy a show 

Where: Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, 1601 Broadway Blvd

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Forget a wild night out on the town, instead, have a classy night in watching a carefully performed live show at one of the world's most beautiful performing arts centers. There are shows and events here to appease everyone no matter what their taste; upcoming performances include The Wizard of Oz, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and of course, The Nutcracker, along with dozens more!


Grab a book for each other to read

Where: Kansas City Public Library, 14 W 10th St

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Sometimes you say the most when you say nothing at all. This is a great way to silently get to know your partner better - or just for fun. Whether it's a book you really loved as a child or it's "Romantic Dating for Dummies," all you need to do is browse the shelves and check out a book for each other to read that has some sort of personal meaning or message you want to share. 


Watch the sunset 

Where: Liberty Memorial, 2 Memorial Dr

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Great city skyline and sunset views all in one location, does it get much better than that? Liberty Memorial is one of the go-to places in the city for unbeatable horizon views, and it's pretty clear why.  

Tour the city on an antique trolley

Where: Kansas City Fun Tours, Union Station, W Pershing Rd

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No need to worry about navigating and parking in the city limits - instead, choose to be chauffeured around the city on a narrated antique trolley tour that goes past popular sites and historic locations. This is a great option for couples who are not familiar with the amazing history and destinations of the city. For the month of October, they are doing a special Haunted History tour that sounds terrifyingly bada$$.


Taste some wines

Where: Amigoni Urban Winery, 1505 Genessee St #100

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Red wine, white wine, dry wine, wine-infused chocolate truffles, every type of wine and wine-related deliciousness your heart desires is right here waiting for you and your S/O to taste at Amigoni Urban Winery. Cheers to that!


Take home a fall-scented candle

Where: 5B&Co. Candlemakers

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One of our most sensual senses is our sense of smell (say that five times fast). Whether you choose to take home an already carefully crafted fall-scented candle or you and bae pick out a fragrance of your own for the company to pour, there's no doubt that the smell will fill your home with great memories of this 2018 season. 


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