With so many IG influencers out there  - or people claiming to be influencers - on Instagram, it can be hard to know who to follow these days, so it's important to be conservative with the 'follow' button.

With that said, influencers have now become modern editors of sorts. They are now considered an authority for of lifestyle.  Basically telling us what to buy. From fashion, beauty, to skincare - even travel. Instagrammers are now influencing where we decide to take our precious vacation time.  The take away: choose who you follow wisely. They might be guiding your decisions more than you consciously like to believe.

To make things easier for you, we've put together a list of some influential Instagrammer and bloggers from the San Francisco region. All of them are " follow approved " and shining in their own respective niche. Whether it's interior design, photography, or fashion - have a look at some of these successful ladies and get inspired by the right people!

30. J. Hannah // @j.hannah

@j.hannahembedded via

Type of Instagram: Fashion/design

Why she is killing it:  This young San Fransisco-based jewelry designer has an IG feed full of beautiful and ethereal soft-focus images you can definitely see the influence the smooth lines of her designs.

29. Anh S // @9to5chic

@9to5chicembedded via

Type of Instagram: Fashion

Why she is killing it:  Anh is a marketing consultant based out of San Fransico and her IG feed is perfectly packaged for those young professionals looking for outfit inspiration that's young and fresh but will still have you taken seriously.

28. Aleksandra Zee // @aleksandrazee

@aleksandrazeeembedded via

Type of Instagram: design

Why she is killing it: This feed is going to make you drop all the money you don't have on new home ware.  Aleksanda is a woodworker with killer style and aesthetic. You can follow her inspiration on her beautifully curated IG and inspirational IG feed.

27. Heidi Swanson  // @heidijswanson

@heidijswansonembedded via

Type of Instagram: Food

Why she is killing it:  Heidi is not only a food blogger but cookbook author. Her IG feed is filled with vibrant images of her hearty and wholesome culinary creations. If you need food inspo, this will get you into the kitchen ASAP.

26. Leslie Santarina // @spottedsf

@spottedsfembedded via

Type of Instagram: Design/photography

Why she is killing it:  Leslie's account takes you on a little trip throughout San Francisco and surrounding areas and gives you a little peek at all the gems you never knew were hiding there.

25. Maria Esme Del Rio // @delriophotography

@delriophotographyembedded via

Type of Instagram: photography/fashion

Why she is killing it:  This San Francisco photographers IG page is a collection of her best work. If you're into beautiful fashion campaigns and stunning portraits, consider follower Maria's page.

24. Cynthia Linh // @cyneat

@cyneatsembedded via

Type of Instagram: Food/restaurants

Why she is killing it:  This San Fran based bloggers IG page is all about food porn. Only the most indulgent and decadent food allowed. Just thumb through her account If you want to be hit with an instant craving.

23. Anna-Alexia Basile // @annaalexia

@annaalexiaembedded via

Type of Instagram: Photography/fashion

Why she is killing it:  Anna-Alexias IG feed is pure eye-popping color porn. None of this whitewash minimalism that we see on IG so often these days. Just a beautiful array of colors and shapes to inspire your morning commute.

22. Sarah Deragon // @sarahderagon

@sarahderagonembedded via

Type of Instagram: photographysocial

Why she is killing it:  Sarah is a San Francisco based portrait photographer with a fun and inspirational IG feed. Each portrait gives you a quick biographical snapshot of average people doing great things.

21. Allie // @allie.eats

@allie.eatsembedded via

Type of Instagram: Food/restaurants

Why she is killing it:  Need to add a couple new restaurants to your regular rotation? Allie and her colorful IG feed will definitely help you.  Everything from ice cream, ramen to pizza - Allie explores it all.

20. Jessica Ricks // @hapatime

@hapatimeembedded via

Type of Instagram: Fashion

Why she is killing it:  This is pure outfit inspo for all seasons. For those foodies out there, Jessica will also help you discover new cafe's and restaurant.

19. Jen Szeto // @windowofimagination

@windowofimaginationembedded via

Type of Instagram: Fashion/

Why she is killing it: If you're into elevated and directional style - playing with texture and lighting,  Jen's account will take you through some beautiful and ethereal imagery.

18. Style BFFs // @stylebffs

@stylebffsembedded via

Type of Instagram: Fashion

Why she is killing it:  Quirk, fun, and playful. All things that describe this fashion duo from San Francisco. Follow them on IG for some original outfit inspo and laughs.

17. Katie Newburn // @cloudandcoffee

@cloudsandcoffeeembedded via

Type of Instagram: photography/food

Why she is killing it:  This photographers IG account is a collection of beautiful and soothing visual images. Perfectly lit and framed, you will be seriously inspired by this content.

16. Therese // @craftandcouture

@craftandcoutureembedded via

Type of Instagram: Fashion

Why she is killing it:  Do you love the workwear trend taking over the fashion sphere these days. If yes, Therese IG feed is for you. Functional minimalism at it's best, her outfits are perfect for a young professional looking for a little sartorial direction.

15. Kelly // @asideofsweet

@asideofsweetembedded via

Type of Instagram: Food/travel

Why she is killing it:  Kelly's page is another big collection of epic #foodporn imagery. Her perfectly framed food shots are scattered among images of her travels and adventures seeking all the hidden food gems around the continental US.

14. Stephanie Nguyen // @sunkissedstephblog

@sunkissedstephblogembedded via

Type of Instagram: Fashion

Why she is killing it:  Stephanie's vibe is all monochrome minimalism. Think if Oak and Fort have a baby with Kinfolk. If you're similarly into minimalism and androgynous silhouettes, then you should probably take a peek at this fashion bloggers feed!

13. Nancy  // @missnancywong

@missnancywongembedded via

Type of Instagram: travel/family

Why she is killing it: These young family's IG page is absolutely precious. All the posts radiate pure joy and authenticity. Nothing seems staged or forced, just a beautiful little family traveling around the world.

12. Elsa Kawai // @elsa.kawai

@elsakawaiembedded via

Type of Instagram: photography/landscape

Why she is killing it:  In a day and age where anyone can be an amateur photographer, it takes veritable technical skills to thrust a photographer into the upper ranks of the trade. Elsa's feed is a true photographer, a quick peek at her IG feed -  a collection of otherworldly landscape shots - quickly confirms that she is not your average iPhone photographer.

12. Whitney & Mallory // @readytwowear

@readytwowearembedded via

Type of Instagram: Fashion/beauty

Why she is killing it:  Double Trouble. Friends Whitney and Mallory have a super cute and genuine IG feed featuring all your favorite lifestyle content such as outfits, makeup, skincare and even food. This type of feed should be a staple in your IG rotation.

11. Livia Edwards // @liviaedwards

@liviaedwordsembedded via

Type of Instagram: Animals

Why she is killing it:  It's time to shake up the IG sphere a bit. Women in non-creative professions such as science, technology and medicine are underrepresented. That's why I am happy to feature Livia's profile - she's an animal keeper at the famous San Francisco Zoo, and her page is all about documenting her day-to-day.  So, if you're an animal lover, don't hesitate to hit follow.

10. Sarah Menanix // @snixykitchen

@snixykitchenembedded via

Type of Instagram: Food

Why she is killing it:  Sarah is a food stylist by profession, and it's quickly apparent when scrolling through her feed of beautiful and high-quality food shots that these posts are the product of a true professional. Definitely, follow Sarah's page if you're the type who doesn't use a cut and dry recipe and just needs photos to bring a little inspiration to the kitchen.

9. Aimee Rancer // @aimeerancer

@aimeerancerembedded via

Type of Instagram: Fashion/design

Why she is killing it:  Aimee's IG feed exudes a positive energy and authentic vibe. Her content gives you a little taste of everything lifestyle, from food to fashion - giving you no shortages of reasons to follow.

8. Jenn Yee // @pastywithjenn

@pastrywithjennembedded via

Type of Instagram: Food/baking

Why she is killing it:  If pastries and baking is your thing, then take a look at Jenn's IG page. It's full of mouth-watering sweet tooth-inducing food posts to feast your eyes on.

7. Adrienne Y // @adrienney

@adrienneyembedded via

Type of Instagram: travel/fashion

Why she is killing it:  Travel first, then outfits. Adrienne's page takes you all around the US and Canada; focusing on the wonders and marvels of nature and the great outdoors.  And she somehow is always looking sharp in every post.

6. Victoria Smith // @sfgirlbybay

@sfgirlbybayembedded via

Type of Instagram: design/interiors

Why she is killing it:  If rustic-chic and vintage inspired everything gets your inspo radar beeping, then you need to follow San Francisco native Victoria Smith's IG page. One look will make you run to the antique shop and re-decorate your whole apartment.

5. Julia Engle // @juliahengle

@juliahengelembedded via

Type of Instagram: Fashion/lifestyle

Why she is killing it:  With over 1M followers this IG queen is not messing around. This is the type of IG page you go to for that aspirational feeling. The ultra-feminine aesthetic and energy appear all professionally planned and executed.  How else could one reach that level of following?

4. Nanette // @nantuck3c

@nantuck3tembedded via

Type of Instagram: travel/fashion

Why she is killing it: Nanette's feed will give you a little taste of Lifestyle content 101. All the food, outfits, and cafes you can take in in one sitting while staying refreshingly genuine and always in a cute outfit.

3. Kate Ogata // @kateogata

@kateogataembedded via

Type of Instagram: Fashion/food

Why she is killing it:  Kate's page will take you restaurant and cafe hopping and give you outfit inspiration while she's at it. Follow if you're always looking to keep an eye out for some new place to shop, eat, and/or drink.

2. Tiffany Wang  // @tiffwang_

@tiffwang_embedded via

Type of Instagram: Fashion/design

Why she is killing it:  Tiffany seems to have perfectly mastered the "cool girl" chic blogger aesthetic.  This is the type of account that gives you serious latte envy; you wonder why your coffee posts never look this good. Follow her for a little bit of everything: travel, fashion, food, and beauty.

1. Steph Lam // @currentlylusting

@currentlylustingembedded via

Type of Instagram: Fashion/travel

Why she's killing it: Steph has got that effortlessly chic and understated femininity that we all try to achieve with our outfits but can't ever seem to do as well as the bloggers.  Her looks always seem to perfectly play with proportions and textures and are definitely inspo worthy. Check them out along with her world adventures on her IG page.

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