It's pretty chilly today across Florida, averaging around low 60's to mid-50s, but it's about to get worse. Some areas of Florida will experience overnight temperatures as low as 32 degrees Fahrenheit. 

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According to the information shared by, Pensacola is among the places that will experience 32-degree temperatures overnight, with Jacksonville being only two degrees warmer at an expected 34 degrees. Orlando's low is estimated at 41 degrees, Tampa at 43, Miami at 55, and the Keys at 58 for overnight. The windchill is also above average in several areas. This is the result of a cold front moving from north to south. 

Temperatures will slowly start to rise on Thursday and continue throughout the rest of the week, eventually leveling out to normal average temperatures around 85 degrees high during the day and mid 60's overnight. 

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If you are in one of the areas that will experience colder-than-normal temps it is important to prepare. Do not leave anything out overnight that could burst or freeze including hoses. Delicate plants will need to be covered to prevent freezing. 

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Chance of precipitation is low for most areas, so snow is not expected.

For more information or to see the weather forecast in your area, you can click here. 

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