Are you in trouble and can't make a call? Sometimes there are emergencies that require more silence than speech. In case of an emergency, you can text 9-1-1 instead of making a phone call. 

The days of dialing 911 are finally over in Flagler County. According to News-Journal, residents can now send 9-1-1 to local 9-1-1 centers in case of an emergency. To send the message all you need to do is type 911 with no space in the 'To' field and type the exact location in the message. However, residents should avoid using emojis, abbreviations, slang, pictures, or videos when contacting 911. 

It's also important to write the type of emergency you need such as fire, police, or emergency medical services. Once, the dispatcher gets the text, he or she will respond within seconds. Unfortunately, not many counties or states still have this technology available. This is convenient for people who are deaf or can't speak. 

If the feature isn't available in your county, you'll get a message back stating to call 911. It's important you only use this feature if you're in a real emergency. 

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Volusia County also made this technology available in September 2018. Of course, calling 911 is easier than texting the message. Voice calls sometimes can put people in a dangerous situation which texting 911 can come in handy. 

If you don't know your exact location, provide the nearest landmark location. Be as specific as possible. 

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Hopefully, you do not encounter yourself in a terrible situation but texting 911 could save your life. 


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