Since online shopping has become so popular, physical department stores have become less of a necessity - after all, it is so much more convenient to stay in bed and order exactly what we need straight to our doors. As a result, hundreds of stores have been deserting their retail locations at malls throughout the United States, and another Florida Sears store is among those closing their doors

Sears in the Gulf View Square Mall, located in Pasco County, a short drive north of Tampa, is the department location closing. They are the third anchor store to close at this mall, following behind the already-closed Macy's and JCPenney and is one of the several hundred Sears to close across the nation in the recent few years. The store is set to close officially on March 24, 2019.

The company announced the Port Richey closure after already closing locations in Clearwater, Citrus Park, Bradenton, and most recently, the Westshore store in Tampa.

The store is now in desperate need of liquidating the current inventory and is offering massive discounts to do so. More information on the current discounts offered are below.

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Discounted rates as of today are the following:

  • 60% off kids clothing and shoes
  • 40% off toys
  • 50% off all bedding
  • 50% off luggage
  • 25% off small kitchen appliances

Store fixtures are also for sale.

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As the days near the official closing date, the discounts will continue to increase - some things will reach upwards of 80%-90% off (if there is still inventory left to sell).

It does not appear that the department store closures will have any effect on Sears' online store. 

More information on Sears and their locations can be found on their website by clicking here

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