We hate to break it to you, but the US Department of Agriculture has confirmed that over 68,000 pounds of Perdue chicken nuggets were recalled because they may contain wood. The ready-to-eat Simplysmart Organics Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets were shipped nationwide. 

There were three confirmed reports of consumers finding wood in the nuggets, although there have been no confirmed reports of illness due to consumption of the products. Anyone concerned about potential consumption is urged by the US Food Safety and Inspection Service to see a doctor.

This report comes nearly a month after the government shutdown, and the FDA has been facing issues with understaffing; an issue that directly affects food quality inspections. This recall, in particular, has sparked some political feuds on social media as people are blaming the government shutdown for poor quality food making it into stores. 

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Then there are the people who are just making a complete joke out of it:

If this is the type of nugget you commonly buy you can check your batch by reviewing the numbers on the UPC bar code: 72745-80656 with a best by date of 10/25/19. If your items match this criteria throw them away or return them to the seller.

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Anybody with questions about the recall was asked to call Perdue Consumer Care at (877) 727-3447.

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