Yesterday was a tragic day for the normally-quiet community of Sebring, Florida, as 21-year-old Zephen Xaver stormed a local SunTrust Bank and took it hostage. During the madman's rampage, he killed five civilians and barricaded himself in the bank. Less than a day later, tons of new information has surfaced and here are all the Florida shooter updates:

According to Xaver's ex-girlfriend of 3 years, Alex Gerlach, he had an extreme hatred for people and often talked about how he wanted everybody to die. She said he has been having dreams about killing for so long and he was kicked out of school for having a dream that he killed everyone in his class. He purchased a gun last week and "no one thought anything of it" because he had always liked guns, she told The Washington Post. Gerlach and Xaver's relationship ended around 3 months ago. 

Xaver and his mother moved to Sebring in the fall from Plymouth, Indiana. One of his neighbors said that he always seemed nice enough, well mannered - she even allowed her daughter to be around him. The neighbor further stated she never would have expected this of him. 

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He was a correctional officer trainee at Avon Park Correctional Institution and resigned two weeks ago. He was hired by the facility on Nov. 2 and resigned on Jan. 9. His reason for resigning is still unknown. 

The suspect's father says he is heartbroken for the victims, further stating that Xaver was "always a good kid."

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Officials are still investigating the motive behind the shooting. It is still unclear if he knew any of the victims or if it was completely random. 

Xaver appeared in court this morning and is being held without bond. He is facing 5 counts of premeditated murder and was appointed a public defender. 

Officials will be updating the public more on the incident today at 11 am. 

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