It is always a special day when a child gets to meet one of their idols - normally though, meet and greets don't happen at the local Walmart. Despite all odds, a Florida celeb was spotted by a young fan while shopping

OG Magnum, a public figure and car enthusiast, was out shopping for clothes at a the Tallahassee - Lagniappe Way Walmart when a mother approached him, saying her young son recognized him from Kodak video. Although it is unclear when the events took place, the entire meet and greet was caught on camera and Magnum uploaded the video Friday afternoon as a "Fan Friday" feature on his Instagram account.

The video caption reads: "FANFRIDAY this one of the best of all times ... this boy’s mom came up to me at Walmart where I was shopping - yes I buy my clothes at Walmart - And she said you have a big fan here and I looked and there hidden behind the clothes rack this little boy came up to me and he said “'you were in that Kodak video'” his mom laughed and said she did not know who I was but he sure did"

Check out the video below:

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OG Magnum is a Florida resident and traveling public figure. He has been featured in a number of videos, and often tours with other celebs - like Mike Busey, the owner of the Sausage Castle in Florida. 

If you are a fan of Magnum you can catch him this weekend at the car show going on in Tampa. Official details are posted below:

@og.magnumembedded via  

EVENT DETAILS: Clash of Kings Car Show:Tampa's Finest hosted by OG Magnum

WHERE: 9401 North Blvd, Tampa

WHEN: 11am

ADDITIONAL INFO: Follow OG Magnum's Snapchat to find his locations throughout the day, and tag him on social media for a chance to win merchandise/be featured on his Fan Friday posts. 

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