Last Valentine's day 17 people lost their lives at the Parkland shooting and since then people have been fighting to end gun violence. After an entire year of gun control activism, many Florida residents have signed petitions to ban the sale of assault weapons.

David Hogg was amongst the first ones to drop off 200 signed petitions to be considered at the Florida ballot in 2020. According to WLRN, Hoggs who survived the massacre with his sister Lauren Hogg in 2018 addressed "Gun violence is an issue that must be addressed in every zip code."

The signed petitions initiated a campaign called 'Do Something Florida!' But in order to be considered by the Florida Supreme Court, it needs to collect nearly 800,000 petitions across the state. 

The group is expected to collect over 1.1 million signed petitions in case some signatures don't match voting records. Other groups such as 'Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense' and the 'League of Women Voters' have shown their support to ban these weapons. 

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The mission of these activists is to ban civilians to buy assault guns that can lead to violence and shooting. Another coalition called Americans For Gun Safety Now supports the initiative and seeks to educate Floridians on the need to ban these guns. 

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A year later, activists continue to unite forces to ban gun sale.  The collected signed petitions will be certified at the Broward County Supervisor of Elections Office in Downtown Fort Lauderdale. 

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