Enjoying the nice weather in Florida today? Maybe not if you are in the northern peninsula. A large portion of the state is enjoying clear skies and 80-degree weather while Northern Florida temperatures are in the 50's.

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According to the information posted by The Weather Channel, some areas in the Pensacola region, particularly Molino, are 53 degrees at the time of posting (3PM) while mid-to-south Florida is in the mid to lower 80's. It's 83 - but feels like 89, and sunny the Keys right now.

Check out the chart of Northwest temps below: 

Temperatures are expected to rise for the northwestern tip of Florida in the next few days, averaging around 70 degrees. Storms are also in the forecast and clouds are expected nearly every day.

Tallahassee is also staying on the cooler side today, reaching a high of 63 degrees. 

Meanwhile, it has felt like summer for many mid to southern areas of Florida all day. Tampa, Miami and the Keys are among the luckier areas that have enjoyed 80-degree weather and clear skies.

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No need to feel jealous though, when South Florida is scorching hot this summer the people of Northern Florida will be laughing with their temperate breezy coastal weather. 

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