Would you have breakfast with the President of the United States? Many would - but a lot of people swear they would rather starve before having their first bite in the morning with Donald J. Trump. How do we know this? The 'Have Breakfast with Trump' sweepstakes has been getting swamped with decliners. 

The Facebook contest post reads: "This is the very FIRST opportunity to win breakfast with me for the 2020 re-elect campaign, and as one of our top supporters, I wanted to make sure you got the invite first."

Now, we hope this is the best breakfast of your life, after all, whoever wins will have a free trip to Florida and breakfast with the president. After feeding athletes fast food, people are wondering what type of meal will be served at this one-of-a-kind experience. 

People have been commenting on President Trump's Facebook post for the past few hours, and here's what they are saying: 

Via Facebook

Via Donald Trump's Facebook

Via Donald Trump's Facebook

Via Donald Trump's Facebook

Via Donald Trump's Facebook

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Of course, not everyone is turning it down:

Via Donald Trump's Facebook

Signing up for the sweepstakes is super easy. The prize includes flight, accommodation, the one-of-a-lifetime breakfast for a value of $3000. Winners must be 18 years and older and U.S. residents. 

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Would you have a bite with the President?

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