Most social media users were affected in some way by the Facebook/Instagram outage yesterday, which actually ended up being the companies' longest outage to date. The majority of inconvenience was the inability to post and interact with others on the site, but some people have been reporting a possible security breach. 

Since the Facebook security breach late last year, social media users have been on high alert to suspicious activity. In September 2018 hackers were able to access the personal data of nearly 50 million Facebook users. Subsequently, many users reported their accounts were compromised. 

Yesterday both Facebook and Instagram were affected by an outage that has yet to be explained, leading people to speculate. Hundreds of users have since reported suspicious activity on their social media accounts. Whether or not it is just coincidental is up for debate, but Facebook did take to Twitter to say their outage was not an attack.

People still aren't convinced, and you can see what some users are saying below.

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Facebook and Instagram have been up and running again since yesterday evening. 

While there is no definite answer if these reports are actually linked to the outage, millions of people on the internet are still awaiting an official response to what happened yesterday. 

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