Considered a legend in the NBA, Shaq is now making strides in Florida Law Enforcement. In Broward County Florida, the Sheriff's office scored a slam dunk when they swore in their newest deputy, Shaq!

In a Twitter post by the Broward County Sheriff's Office, they pay homage to Shaq and his new role. Check out the heartwarming post below:

Many locals are Tweeting back about their excitement to have Shaq serving in their community, stating that they feel safer already; and let's be real, who wouldn't feel safer with the 7'1" giant patrolling through your neighborhood?

You can see a few of the comments below:

While most are excited about having Shaq on board, it's not all net for this NBA star gone cop; some people are definitely not impressed. A couple of commenters are even throwing a little shade.

Whether you're for or against Shaq as deputy, everyone loves a little humor! Some commenters are breaking up the "foul balls" by responding with some hilarity:

Shaq is no stranger to police work though! According to the Miami Herald, Shaq has previously served as a reserve officer in many other locations including Doral FL, Miami Beach FL, Golden Beach FL, The Port of Los Angeles Police Department, and the Tempe Police Department in Arizona.

No matter what your stance is, you can keep tabs on Shaq's police work here

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