Wally, the emotional support alligator from Pennsylvania made headlines over the weekend. Unsurprisingly the news of an alligator being used as an emotional support animal was shocking enough for most, but for some, the most shocking part was that Wally doesn't live in Florida - because you know, we expect something like that from Floridians. 

According to Wally's handlers, he loves to watch TV and act like a dog - a big 4-ft, scaly, green, deadly dog with bone-crushing teeth. Apparently, the creature is so docile (up to this point) that his handlers take him to make their rounds at assisted living facilities, where the residents happily greet and pet Wally.

Needless to say, Twitter users didn't remain quiet about the conversation piece. 

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Wally even has his very own "Emotional Support Animal" tag and vest, which is admittedly pretty adorable. However, there is no official legal registration or training for emotional support animals and therefore the tag and vest mean virtually nothing without a signed doctor's note to back them up. 

According to the ADA, emotional support animals are only common domestic animal including dogs, cats, or ferrets, and more. To qualify, the animal must be reasonably well behaved by typical pet standards, such as being toilet trained, and canโ€™t be a nuisance or danger to others

While Wally may not be living in Florida, we still have our share of exotic "emotional support animal" stories, like the woman who was arrested for trying to bring an emotional support squirrel on a plane in October.

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Up to this point, Wally has been a heckin' good boy and hasn't shown any signs of aggression towards the public. 

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