Imagine ordering your groceries while in traffic, without worrying to spend another hour at the supermarket. Customers can now save time grocery shopping by ordering the groceries online and picking it up. It's a reality, Sedano's has the world's first robotic supermarket. 

This is an incredible idea because customers can pick up their orders for free without worrying for extra fees. This new technology eliminates the stress of waiting in line with pesky children. Sedano's is a Hispanic supermarket that offers great quality for lower prices. 

Sedano's partnered with Takeoff Technologies, a company that brings an e-grocery solution. And, it works super easy. The customers place their order online, the store picks the order with Takeoff solution, and customers can pick it up or have it delivered to their homes. The first automated micro fulfillment center is located at 14655 SW 56th Street Miami, FL 33175.

Via Stamford Advocate

Takeoff promises to deliver the right assortment and 99% inventory availability.  The orders are also expected to be assembled in fewer than 15 minutes. For millennials, this could save a lot of time and headaches when they can order their food on an online app called Sedano's online. 

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Via Stamford Advocate

Via Stamford Advocate

Sedano’s Supermarket has no additional fees for picking up your groceries. This gives consumers the convenience of letting workers pick up their groceries for the same price without any additional charge. The most you’ll spend picking up your food is five minutes.

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This makes it easier for everyone and especially super busy families. All you need to do is order through your phone and let your girlfriend pick up the food and cook while you're still in traffic. 

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