Let's face it, you have always wanted to be a mermaid, swimming around with your tail and breathing water like a fish... It's nice to dream. But guess what? You don't have to dream about being a beautiful creature of the sea any more thanks to Aqua Mermaid, a South Florida swimming school that specializes in making real-life mermaids. 

Okay, so they can not actually make you grow a tail or gills (they would definitely be more than just swimming instructors if they could do that), but they can still make you look like a mermaid and teach you how to swim like one. 

According to their website, during your 60-minute aqua class, you will get familiar with how to swim with a tail (rent or bring your own), learn different swimming and breathing techniques, and have plenty of time for photo ops (after all, how else will everyone know you are a mermaid if you don't take pictures as proof?).

Anyone of any age - and gender - is invited to take a class. One mermaid brought her merman along for a couples session:

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So you are probably wondering how much it costs to be a mermaid. Look no further. Mermaid activities are hosted at AquaMermaid pool facilities in Dania Beach (Hotel Morrison) and in Pembroke Pines (British Swim School), or you can hire a certified mermaid to travel to your private pool for classes and parties.

Below you will find the general price list:

Dania Beach, Florida (outdoor pool at Hotel Morrison):

  • Kids Mermaid Class (7-12 yrs) - $60 USD
  • Kids Mermaid Party - from $300 USD
  • Teen/Adult Mermaid Class - $60 USD
  • Teen/Adult Mermaid Party (Birthday, Bachelorette, Private Group, Team Building) - from $300 USD

Pembroke Pines, Florida (indoor pool at British Swim School):

  • Kids Mermaid Class (7-17 yrs) - $60 USD
  • Kids Mermaid Party - from $300

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According to their booking page if you book 12 months worth of lessons in advance you will get a free mermaid tail, valued at $100. More information and booking details you can find here

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and be the gorgeous mermaid you were destined to be! 

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