Miami is well known for its nightlife and numerous bar scenes. There are certain bars in Miami where you can hide and do bad things. Other bars are more laidback and you don't need to follow a dress code. 

Whether you're planning your next bachelorette party or a night with the boys. Here is a list of places in Miami where you don't need to take life so seriously.

Sometimes the best remedy to a bad week is enjoying a couple of drinks and losing yourself on the dancefloor. 

Employees Only

Where: 1030 Washington Ave, Miami Beach

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Here is the place to have some drinks and don't tell. The bartenders know their craft and will pour deceptively strong cocktails. This is a great spot to come after a long day at work and forget your worries. Sit by the bar and send that cute guy a come-hither look. You might end up with his phone number and a date.

The Anderson

Where: 709 NE 79th St, Miami

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The bar has an 80's vibe and a retro-inspired drink menu. This is the spot to hook up with your DJ. Nobody will be watching and you can easily make him play whatever you want. Come here with your girls or alone. You will not be disappointed at their mole bitters and infused shrubs.

El Patio

Where: 167 NW 23rd St, Miami

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This bar opens early, so you can actually come here right after brunch. El Patio is like your latin neighbor's backyard that likes to play loud music and is obnoxious. Here it's ok to be yourself and throw napkins in the air. After all, everyone comes here to celebrate. 

1306 Miami

Where: 1306 N Miami Ave, Miami

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Downton Miami has many hidden bars like 1306. This place hosts many events and concerts, but the best part is the dim lighting and intimate atmosphere. Here you can kiss your boyfriend or girlfriend on the couch all night long without being judged. Don't forget to order a classic artisan cocktail like 'A Chockwork Orange'.

Sweet Liberty Drinks and Supply Company

Where: 237 20th St Suite B, Miami Beach

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Pursue happiness at a bar in Miami Beach. This place is for sleek, laid-back, and effortlessly cool people. Kiss your friend and don't be ashamed. People will be too busy drinking and eating to pay attention to your bad decisions. 

Bougainvillea’s Old Florida Tavern

Where: 7221 SW 58th Ave, South Miami

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One of Miami's oldest standing bars. Meet your date after work and enjoy a cold beer. Bougie's bar is best known for its live music and laid-back atmosphere. It's ok to come in with shorts and sandals. And, if you are feeling too hot to pay the bartender, pay him with your luxury bra. Maybe he can get you and your friend a round of shots. 

Jada Coles

Where: 2845 Coral Way, Miami 

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This reminds us of one of those bars in movies where the guy comes and starts telling the bartender his problems.  Believe when we say, you will not be found at this location. Miami locals know this place but it is so hidden that people miss it while passing by.


Where: 150 NW 24th St, Miami

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Order some light bites, cocktails, and watch the game at this place. It is ok to be a little extra at this hipster Wynwood bar. You can dance ridiculously without a care. Most likely is that people will be watching the game, playing pool, or dancing ridiculously too. 

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Where: 788 Brickell Plaza, Miami

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The view from this bar is worth it. Come with your girlfriends and enjoy the evening with the gentlemen at the bar. Start a conversation and maybe you get a few rounds of drinks for free. You can also escape your Tinder date at this place in case you want to run away. The rooftop bar is like a labyrinth that offers many exit options.

Lagniappe House

Where: 3425 NE 2nd Ave, Miami

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The New Orleans inspired bar will make you feel like you're in a French patio. Drink all the wine you want without feeling guilty. This place serves amazing cheeses and charcuterie. Live bands perform during the weekends and you can sit front row with your feet up. 

Gramps Bar

Where: 176 NW 24th St, Miami

Twerk like it's no one's business. Gramps is the place to forget your manners and mom's rules. The air conditioner and cold beer will refresh you after a long day exploring Wynwood Walls. Show your dance moves to your partner, and forget what your mom would think. 

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Blackbird Ordinary

Where: 729 SW 1st Ave, Miami

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Dance on top of the bar. This place is really big and perfect to get lost if you don't want to say goodbye to your party. Also, the perfect bar to stand up for yourself and dance like Coyote Ugly. Show the audience your best moves and dance like nobody's watching.

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Broken Shaker

Where: 2727 Indian Creek Dr, Miami Beach

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Grab your friends and hit the pool after a few drinks. The shareable punch and the handcrafted cocktails are one of the best in Miami Beach. Here you can drink, play Jenga, and talk with your friends for hours. Feeling hot? Jump in the pool in your underwear. 

Better Days

Where: 75 SE 6th St, Miami

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Steal the bottle from the bartender and do some shots. If you have good days, here you will have better happy hours. Locals are loyal to this bar for its friendly vibe in the financial district. Your friends won't mind you served them extra shots. Also, if you are feeling daring sing a few songs to your S/O. 

Wood Tavern

Where: 2531 NW 2nd Ave, Miami

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Both the cool kid from the block and the girl next door love coming here. The bar has great happy hours and enough space to twerk with your girlfriends. Besides great beer, there is a food truck serving tacos on Tuesday. Don't worry about the calories, because you will be dancing all night long.


Where: 1220 16th St, Miami Beach

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Take your Tinder dates to this place. Eat tacos on your first date and entertain the second inside the hidden bar. Two is better than one. Decide who's gonna be your two for the rest of the night. At Bodega, it's always time to drink tequila and dance on the table.

Ricky's South Beach

Where: 1222 16th St, Miami Beach

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If you're into arcades and craft cocktails, this is the perfect place. Totally acceptable to act like a kid and compete with your friends in a game. Ricky's daily happy hour will have you full of energy and ready for a game of Pac-Man. 

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Foxhole Bar

Where: 1218 14th Ct, Miami Beach

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If you find Foxhole, then you found South Beach's best-kept secret from tourists. The bar's entrance is behind the building and not exactly visible to passersby.

The Bar

Where: 172 Giralda Ave, Coral Gables

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Go loud or go home during karaoke night at The Bar. This place has amazing drafts and comfort food for those looking to enjoy a long night out in the city. It's ok to bump each other's elbows while dancing. The bar is small and sometimes you will have to drink on the sidewalk. 

Copper 29 Bar

Where: 206 Miracle Mile, Coral Gables

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This bar offers a great menu and intimate setting. But, come later at night and you will encounter an entirely different crowd. You can eat late at this place and dance from your table.

Ted's Hideaway

Where: 124 2nd St, Miami Beach

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Don't be deceived by this bubblegum pink building. This dive bar is open late and you can easily get fries with beer any time. After a long day at the beach, visit this location in your bathing suit. Yes, it's fine to come in your bikini and order some drinks. We are not responsible for what happens at the bar.

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Churchill's Pub

Where: 5501 NE 2nd Ave, Miami

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This is another local's favorite with incredible music shows. The underground venue has hosted famous artists such as Social Distortion, The Mavericks, and Iggy Pop. Bring your best friend and enjoy live music while appreciating the graffiti on the bathroom door.

Lost Weekend

Where: 218 Española Way, Miami Beach

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What happens during the weekend stays secret. Come and play pool with your friends or enjoy a theme night. This is a place you can truly lose yourself in without worrying about what will people say. 

The Corner

Where: 1035 N Miami Ave, Miami

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Locals end their night at this bar. Order a sandwich after hours and continue to enjoy craft cocktails with your squad. This is the best place in the neighboorhood to come late and meet a friend for a late night talk. 

Ball & Chain

Where: 1513 SW 8th St, Miami

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Practice your salsa moves at Calle Ocho's favorite bar. Have as many mojitos as you want and grab a partner. Men will love you invite them to dance at this bar. Everyone here is cheerful and ready to salsa all night. 

Now you have some ideas whenever you want to misbehave in the magic city. These places will keep your secrets and make you feel welcome every time.

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