When nothing goes right, get a taco. Tacos make everyone feel good, they're easy to eat and come in different variations. Miami is home to many Mexican restaurants and taco spots.

But, what makes a good taco? You can tell if your taco is made from cheap tortillas or from a true Mexican kitchen. Tacos are the best meal to share with friends or as a happy hour snack. In Miami, there are numerous places with authentic taco recipes.

If you are looking to eat something good or just a hangover remedy, tacos are the solution. The best taco spots in Miami are open till' late and some are very affordable. Some come with hidden off-the-menu options and some require a little bit of walking to discover. 

Get ready to enjoy the best tacos in Miami! Grab your friends and do put it on your bucket list to finish this list. You won't regret it. 

La Pollita

Where: 160 NE 41st St

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This taco food truck stands in the Jade Alley in the Design District. It is a hidden taco cart created by two Michelin chefs with 16 years of experience at Michelin starred restaurants in NYC. The tacos are affordable and prepared on fresh corn tortillas. They bring their experience from Mexico to Miami with unique recipes. The homemade horchata is a must try.  

Viva Mexico y Algo Mas

Where: 502 SW 12th Ave

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Even though tacos look easy to make, they're not. Each ingredient takes time and Viva Mexico prides itself on the braised pig parts they put on their tacos. Once you get a hold of one of the tacos you'll be getting a taste from Oaxaca, Michoacán, and Mexico City. But this restaurant serves more than tacos. You can also try a "gordita" filled with white cheese and all the goodness. 


Taqueria Morelia

Where: 1875 NE 8th St

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For a relaxed environment, come to Taqueria Morelia. The place is surrounded with booth seatings and an extensive food menu. This is the place to go if you're really hungry and don't feel like sharing your food. The plates are big and you'll get full instantly. The carne asada taco and agua Jamaica are good choices. 


Where: 7450 Ocean Terrace

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After a long day at the beach, come to this taco spot on Ocean Drive. This place is a traditional Mexican Taqueria crafting authentic tacos and street fare. This is the place to eat purple tacos. The tortillas are made of non-GMO corn and organic ingredients. The tortillas are gluten-free, which is a great option. These tacos bring healthy and comfort food together to the table. 

Coyo Taco

Where: 2300 NW 2nd Ave

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This is one of the most popular taco spots in Miami. Known for its fast service and best margaritas with house-brand tequila. The taco place is in the heart of Wynwood and if you go at night time you can enjoy more than tacos. The place has a hidden bar and few locals know about this. Don't forget to try their guacamole bowl. It will become your new favorite.

Caja Caliente

Where: 2634 NE 2nd Ave

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Let's take a break from Mexican tacos, and taco'bout Cuban tacos. Caja Caliente is a family owned business that first started with a tiny food truck. The owner, Monica Leon, slowly expanded to a bigger truck with a patio seating. This taco spot hosts many events and is one of the favorites around the neighborhood. Here you'll feel like in the streets of Mexico but with added Cuban spice. 

Fiesta Mexican Grill

Where: 10433 NW 41st St

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It's always a party when there are tacos involved. Come with your family and have a real feast. You can get from the menu tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, tostadas, fajitas, flautas, soups, and all the Mexican goodness. If you're looking to host a big house party, here you can order platters with the best food. You'll never be hungry at Fiesta Mexican Grill. 

222 Taco

Where: 1624 79th Street Causeway

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What's 4 + 2? It's 222 Taco. This taco place brings fast-casual Mexican comfort food and a margarita bar. La Margarita Shop inside 222 Taco will serve a signature of Robbin's signature margaritas. If you have a love for everything Mexican, then you'll love the hip ambiance. You can have seafood tacos or the original tacos made with cohinita pibil, carne asada, or tinga de pollo.

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Tacos & Tattoos

Where: 10720 SW 113th Pl

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After trying these tacos, you might get a taco tattoo and let the world know your passion for tacos. Here you'll try a mix of southern border food with Caribbean comfort. This is a family owned business that serves mouthwatering tacos with Abuela's traditional recipes. If you love art and tacos you'll become a loyal customer as this restaurant collaborates with artists by displaying their art.

Mi Rinconcito Mexicano

Where: 1961 SW 8th St

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For those who love tradition, here you'll find old-school Mexican tacos. This is a casual restaurant with people who share the same love for tacos as you do. If you want to eat all you can without been judged, come here. Get your assortment of burritos, refried beans, and tacos for half the cost. The tacos chorreados are one of the best and you'll probably order a box to go. 

Lolo's Surf Cantina

Where: 161 Ocean Drive

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Best tacos of Miami 2017, according to Miami New Times. The Mexican chef, Richard Ampudia brings his culinary experiences all the way from NYC. The menu has a tostada bar, one of the best guacamoles in town, soups, tacos, and other entrees. If you want something more than taco, try the chilaquiles. 

Bodega Taqueria y Tequila

Where: 1220 16th St

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This taco spot can be deceiving. The cantina-style restaurant serves fast-Mexican food and a selection of Mexican beers. After the meal, you might want to stay for the party. Bodega has a hidden bar in the back but you'll need to have a shot of tequila first before entering the premises. 

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Jacalito Taqueria Mexicana

Where: 3622 W Flagler St

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This tiny place serves real authentic tacos. It might look unappealing from the outside but your belly will be happy. Go on your lunch break and try the "Tacos Al Pastor". You'll come back to your desk happy and telling everyone at work your new favorite spot. 

Taquerias El Carnal

Where: 2601 W Flagler St

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No need to fly to Mexico to get steak tacos with all the best sauces. This hole-in-the-wall restaurant is super underrated and once you start eating one taco you'll come here every weekend. They also serve massive burritos that can be shared with two people. If you're not in the mood for tacos at least try their guacamole. 

Antojitos Mexicanos Tenorio

Where: 4095 SW 137th Ave

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We all have those late-night cravings. Come to get your taco craving at this restaurant. You'll get your money's worth and a full belly for less than $8. You can get a quesadilla and two tacos for that price. If you're starving, get the burrito and tacos for next day's leftovers. 

El Taquito

Where: 1380 SW 8th st

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Best tacos in town! If you're around Little Havana, Coconut Grove or Kendall, you can find El Taquito restaurant and try authentic Mexican street tacos. All the meals are served family style. Mexicans love to eat and they eat in big portions. There's enough food on the menu to share with friends. 

El Toro Taco Restaurant

Where: 1 S Krome Ave

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Hungry after church? Come to El Toro Taco for real tacos and a family feast. The place looks like an 'Hacienda' and you can benefit from their BYOB policy. This is a great spot to host a private party and bring the cousins, aunts, siblings, and every member of the family who has an upcoming birthday.  

El Rincon de Jalisco

Where: 30360 Old Dixie Hwy

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Don't be fooled by the location. This falls in the taco map of the best places to eat. Each plate comes with lots of food. You can leave your worries at the entrance and gain a few pounds without regrets. The tacos and seafood are to die for. 

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Where: 701 S Miami Ave

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Looking for a happy hour place with good Mexican food? Tacology is the place. You'll be learning new Mexican culture and words when you start looking at the menu. Whatever you order, pair your meal with a glass of margaritas and don't forget to order a shot for the table.

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Pilo's Street Tacos

Where: 28 SW 11th St

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This place has a more urban vibe with traditional Mexican food. Aunt Pilo is the inspiration behind this restaurant. El Mariachi and El Rey tacos are one of the chef's favorites. 

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La Cruzada

Where: 331 Park Pl

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Come with La Familia and have a real feast. These tacos will keep you full for hours and looking forward to the next visit. Each plate comes with rice and refried beans with enough sauce for the table. 

Whenever in doubt where to celebrate Taco Tuesday, refer back to this list and you'll be glad you did. Friends are for seasons but tacos are forever.

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