Nothing like seeing a real exhibit from your favorite show in real life. Now you can meet the Crawly Family at the Downtown Abbey: The Exhibition in West Palm Beach. 

Downtown Abbey is one of the most popular shows with lots of drama and history. And, if you've seen the Titanic and love it, you can't miss this exhibition. 

This exhibition will be in CityPlace West Palm Beach for five more weeks. This is a fully immersive experience that will take you back to the Edwardian era. You will see the characters and the iconic house coming to life when you visit this exhibit. There is a lot of history, culture, and many memorable moments from this iconic show. 

Tickets cost $35 per person and you can purchase it here. The exhibit will be open until April 22nd and is the perfect time to revisit the show's favorite moments. If you want to learn the do's and don'ts about British high society, fashion, and culture, this is your chance to see how the elite lived the early 1900s. 

Downton Abbey: The Exhibition now open in South Florida from Nick Young on Vimeo.

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You will feel like you are inside the show when you listen to some of the dialogues and see some of the artifacts inside the house. The exhibit will feature the show's favorite scenes and fashion. You can also get an exhibition guidebook that contains in-depth information about The Crawleys and the downtown staff.

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CityPlace is located at 575 South Rosemary Avenue. For more information about the exhibition check here. 

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