Sometimes a little adventure in the big city is a must. Whether you're new to the area and want an excuse to explore or a long time local who wants to get to know your city better, the exact locations of these sculptures are a mystery. You can conduct your own scavenger hunt to find all 8 of these See Art Orlando sculptures scattered near Lake Eola Park downtown - Are you ready for your quest?

1. Astrogenesis II by Wendy Ross

First on the list of 8 is Astrogenesis. Astrogenesis II stands a proud and tall at 30 ft high, tucked away somewhere in the heart of the city of Orlando. The sculpture was made as a physical manifestation of energy, with glass pieces that glisten in the sunlight and reach towards the sphere at the top. The sculpture also resembles that of a fluffy dandelion - bringing in a little piece of nature to bustling downtown. You can find this sculpture a block or 2 away from Lake Eola Park on a street corner.

2. Global Convergence by Deedee Morrison

Global Convergence is shaped like... well, a globe. Made with aluminum and aluminum patterning, each panel shows a school of Shoal Bass - as if they were swimming right inside of it. The interior of the sculpture lights up casting a blue hue throughout the piece that really brings it to life, both during the day and at night. This sculpture is somewhere a block or so away from Lake Eola Park. 

3. Muse of Discovery by Meg White

You can make friends with this sculpture and be the completing piece that brings the whole artistic vision together. Muse of Discovery was made to instill imagination into all that view it - and maybe you'll find yourself too. Made from Indiana limestone and earth, this simple piece is still beautiful up close. It's been said to be at the very front of Lake Eola Park, welcoming you in: an easy one to mark off your list.

4. Take Flight by Douwe Blumberg

This one will probably be the hardest to get a selfie with to check off your list. Take Flight is an array of aluminum and magnesium representing a flock ready to soar. This beautiful sculpture is over 30 ft long and tricks the eye. It really looks like those birds are flying close to the water! This sculpture is somewhere in the water on the north side of Lake Eola Park.

5. Union by Ralfonso Gschwend

Union is the most unique sculpture on the list. This sculpture is made using aluminum, grouping together six 25 ft tall beams, adorned with spinning blades. The Union sculpture is almost always in motion, so almost no two viewings of this piece are the same. You can see this sculpture in Lake Eola Park as well, on the corner of Eola Dr. and Robinson St, so it's a good place to start and check off on your hunt. Check out the video below of the sculpture in action.


6. Monument in Right Feet Major by Todji Kurtzman

Monument in Right Feet Major is a towering giant of sculpture, that really puts into perspective just how small we really are. This sculpture was inspired by the skyscrapers in New York, prompting you to look inside for motivation and climb sky-high. You can find this big boy in Lake Eola Park and is said to be relatively close to the Union sculpture.

7.  Cedar of Lebanon by Jacob Harmeling

Via a_cuteangles

The Cedar of Lebanon sculpture reaches towards the stars just as our real trees would. Inspired by nature and natural earth elements, it was sculpted from a combination of bent sprinkler pipes and mirrored stainless steel for the leaves. This sculpture stands nearly 3 stories tall, just a stone's throw away from the Right Feet Major sculpture.

8. Centered by C.J. Rench

@a_cuteanglesembedded via  

At the center of the Centered sculpture, we see a big yellow circle - representing the beauty of our weather here in the Sunshine State, which also spins freely in the wind. This sculpture is made to bring zen and peace to everyone who finds it, which you can take a snapshot of to give to your followers too. You can locate the centered sculpture near the southern edge of Lake Eola. 

Don't know where to start finding all 8? Start at the park. Most of these amazing works of art can be found scattered throughout the beautiful Lake Eola Park, but not all of them - so get huntin'!

If you'd like to learn more about how these sculptures showed up in Orlando, check out See Art Orlando's website.

Disclaimer: We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit a potentially hazardous location, you check for the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment.

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