You have definitely seen the Holi Fest on Instagram and in movies - and admit it, a mass of people throwing colorful powder to each other sounds like a fun way to celebrate the beginning of spring. Good news, Orlando will be hosting their own festival of colors next month. 

The Orlando Holi Festival will be celebrated on March 23rd from 11:30 am until 6 pm. This festival will feature Bollywood music, dances, Indian cuisine, and a lot of dye. If you've never been to a Holi Fest be prepared to get your shirt dyed in a rainbow of colors. People will be throwing colorful powder and water while singing and dancing with joy. 

So, it's recommended that you attend with something comfortable and ready to get messed up. So if you just went to the hair salon, you might want to wear a hat. The entry to the event costs $5 and $10 for parking. 

This is a popular Hindu tradition that is now celebrated in different parts of the country. In India, women usually wear a sari or a long dress but now it has evolved and women wear pants. The thumb of rule is to go with comfortable shoes as you'll be dancing and running around.  

People also celebrate Holi Fest as a new beginning of positivity and happiness. 

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It is recommended to moisture your skin or put oil before heading to the Holi Fest so it is easier to remove the powder from your skin afterwards. You can register for the festival here.

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The festival will take place at Bill Frederick Park located at 3401 South Hiawassee Road Orlando.

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