Up, up, and away! If you've ever wanted a bird's eye view of this beautiful state we call home, you can take a hot-air balloon ride for dirt cheap in Ocala, Florida this weekend! The original Villages Balloon Festival is popping up with balloon rides that won't drain your wallet from March 22nd-24th.

For $20 you can take a tethered ride, or for $50 you can take a private couple's ride. The couple's ride would be perfect for you and your sweetheart to have that much-needed date day together in a unique and fun experience, and of course, you can take a super cool shot in the sky like these below:

You definitely won't want to miss out on that $20-$50 price tag. The standard pricing for a hot air balloon ride runs anywhere between $75-$245 for a single person depending on where you live and standard weather conditions. Most rides that are in this price range last about an hour so if you wanted to take a long ride it would cost you even more.

The parking tickets are affordable too, ranging between $10-$20 for either standard or VIP parking. 

Once the daylight has faded you can hang tight into the night to watch the glow event, where the giant balloons flash their burners that light up the balloons like a ton of giant fireflies. The balloon glow starts at 7pm.

You'll definitely want to bring a chair or blanket if you plan on staying. If for some reason you don't get a chance to take a ride, no worries. You'll still have plenty of opportunities to snag a picture or video of your one of a kind experience!

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If you're wanting to take a ride of a lifetime, you'll want to grab your tickets fast before they sell out. Rides start at 5pm lasting until around 7pm when the glow starts. You can get your tickets from the Eventbrite page here. The event will also have plenty of food and drink options if you need to grab a bite, as well as retail vendors. The event is located at Florida Horse Park, 11008 South Highway 475 Ocala, FL 34480.

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