Our Universe is ever expanding, made up of millions of galaxies with the potential to harbor life. This may be one of many reasons that humans remain hopeful - or perhaps scared - that extraterrestrials are visiting Earth in their spaceships. While many UFO sightings can be chalked up to government aircraft experiments, drones, or other natural occurrences, a recent Bradenton, Florida UFO sighting has witnesses stunned.

The first hand account was originally shared with UFO-Hunters and states that a group of people were outside for a dinner party when they all saw a "bright red light barely pulsating" in the sky. 

"It was in the east, moving rapidly, we could hear no sound and it went to the south. It stayed level [then it suddenly] turned to the left and up slightly, [it] shot off and disappeared in a second," the post reads.

The person who reported it, whose identity was not made public, says the group watched it for about 20-30 seconds and it was very clear. 

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"We all saw the same thing, it was a warm clear night with very light wind. This is maybe the 5th time I have seen a definite UFO. Not the best look but a good one. All we could see was the light, no structure."

This report is in good company. There have been dozens of reported UFO sightings along the Gulf Coast of Florida in the past few years, including a recent sighting reported in North Port, Florida on February first. Though very few details were given for this account.

You can see a chart of recent local sitings below:

Via UFO-Hunters

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To read more about this report, to see others, or to explore more areas on the map you can click here.

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