Are you tired of the whole Netflix & Chill thing? Are you itching to get out of the house and just simply DO more things with your GF? Is it your turn to plan date night? Are you looking to earn some serious brownie points with bae?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you need to check out the rest of this article. We've rounded up 32 of the coolest spots to bring your girlfriend this summer that are sure to make her SWOON. It's perfect if you're the type of guy who isn't a cheesy corny romantic and has no clue how to plan a proper date. So, my friend, choose one of these awesome dates, look nice, and hey - maybe even bring her flowers when you pick her up for extra points!

1. Movies In The Park At Atlantic Station 

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This date has all the familiarity of Netflix & Chill but amped up. Bring some blankets and snacks and curl up with bae under the stars while watching a flick from the 2000s!

2. Sips Under The Sea At The Georgia Aquarium

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Okay, this is a cool one. Every so often, the Georgia Aquarium hosts an event called Sips Under The Sea, where you buy tickets and enjoy an evening of drinks and small plates in the aquarium! 

3. The Hidden Eleanor's Speakeasy

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You've probably been to Muss & Turner's for their amazing food, but did you know that if you go to the back of the restaurant and go through a cooler door, there is a hidden speakeasy? Perfect spot for drinks with bae!

4. Skyline Park At Night

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Although kids may rule this place during the day, at night it's adults' turn. With great views of the city, cocktails, and some fun games, it's seriously the perfect date night on a warm night! 

5. Drinks At Blind Willies 

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Known as Atlanta's finest blues bar, Blind Willies is the perfect place to go to take in some amazing music while sipping on a drink or two. It will transport you to a whole other era! 

6. Road Trip To Banning Mills

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Did you know that Georgia is home to the world's longest and largest zip line? Only 50 minutes outside of Atlanta is Banning Mills, and it's the perfect date for adventurous couples!

7. Dr. Bombay's Underwater Tea Party

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If your girlfriend is the type of person that has 3 cups of tea a night in the winter, you definitely need to take her to this hidden gem. Even on the hottest of days, it's a treat—it's so cute and quirky inside!

8. Tasting Tour At Xocolatl

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Are you and bae total chocoholics? Well, this is definitely the place to fulfill your cravings. This super cool chocolate shop makes small batches right in front of your eyes, and offers tasting tours! 

9. Try Your Hand At Bad Axe Throwing

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Need to get some of your frustrations out? Head on down to Bad Axe Throwing and bring out your inner lumberjacks as you hurl axes towards a bullseye. Winner buys drinks after?

10. Howard Finster's Paradise Gardens

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This place is so freaking cool. It's not your typical gardens, but rather a garden of folk art! It's the perfect place to spend a weekday afternoon exploring with your girlfriend. 

11. Enjoy A Concert At Matilda's Under The Pines

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Live music, fairy lights, and pine trees under the stars? Sounds good to me! This cozy date night idea is made even better if you bring your own snacks and cuddle up with some blankets!

12. Relax At Jeju Sauna

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While unassuming from the outside, you will feel instantly relaxed as you step into the gorgeous spa. Treat you and your gal to some well-deserved self-care and escape the stress of everyday life!

13. Road Trip To Tallulah Gorge State Park

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Need a break from the city? Take the 1.5-hour road trip to Tallulah Gorge State Park and go chase some waterfalls. Breathe in the fresh air and appreciate the natural beauty that Georgia is lucky enough to have!

14. Rock Climbing At Wall Crawler Rock Club

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Up for a challenge? Test your rock climbing skills (and muscles) for the first time since you were a kid at your super cool friend's birthday party. Try your hand at bouldering too!

15. Go Indoor Skydiving at iFly 

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Who's up for some serious adventure? If you're not quite ready to jump out of a plane, take the first steps by practicing indoor skydiving right in Atlanta! It will be an unforgettable experience for the both of you!

16. Fernbank After Dark

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This place has Night At The Museum written all over it. With movies and mixology set in the Fernbank Museum of Natural History, a date night here is sure to be anything but boring!

17. Cool Off At Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

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Everyone knows that the most delicious and efficient way to cool off and beat the summer heat wave is with ice cream. Why not get yours from the iconic Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams? Perfect spot for a date night photo-op too!

18. Take In The City Lights At SkyView Atlanta

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This place isn't just for tourists - it can actually be a super romantic date night spot! Go at sunset or just after and get a glimpse of the gorgeous city lights. Perfect spot to propose too (hint hint, nudge nudge). 

19. Go On A Stroll Through Atlanta Botanical Gardens

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These gardens are almost as stunning as your date (keyword, almost). These gardens are the perfect place to spend a hot and sunny summer's day. The gorgeous flowers and floral sculptures are absolutely breathtaking!

20. Hike Stone Mountain

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Follow the 1-mile hiking trail up to the top of Stone Mountain. Occasionally you can even get above the clouds! It's a super romantic place to watch the sun rise or set with your bae. 

21. Indulge Your Sweet Tooth At Atlanta Candy Bar

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If your girl's got a serious sweet tooth, take her to the Atlanta Candy Bar—it's sure to put a smile on her face and bring out both of your inner kids. It's also a super adorable place for photos!

22. Agatha's - A Taste Of Mystery 

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This five-course gourmet meal also comes with a show—a live comedy murder to be exact. Take your date here and you are sure to win the title of Ultimate Date Night Planner. 

23. Catch A Flick At The Starlight Drive-In Theatre

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Cozy up old-school at a classic drive-in theatre. Bring blankets and snacks to make it even better, and set up camp in the back of a pickup truck for the full cheesy experience! 

24. Catch An Atlanta United FC Game

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If you guys are a sporty couple and have been hit by the recent onset of World Cup fever, check out your local soccer team Atlanta United. Click here to see their schedule. 

25. Break Out At Escape The Room Atlanta

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Who's up for a double (or triple) date night with friends? Escape rooms are even more fun the more people you have. Bring your most clever friends and attempt to escape these super cool escape rooms!

26. Brunch Date At Spiller Park Coffee

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Is there anything better than just a simple brunch date with your lady? Brunch is most definitely the best meal ever invented - it's basically an excuse to still eat breakfast foods way past breakfast. 

27. Couples Pottery Class At MudFire

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Who doesn't love getting a little dirty, and making beautiful art while you're at it? MudFire offers couples Date Nights that give you and your partner 2 on 1 time with an instructor. 

28. Stay A Night At The Blue Ridge Treehouse

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Talk about a romantic getaway! This is the perfect place to bring your girlfriend for an anniversary, birthday, or an extra special occasion. Nestled in the woods, this treehouse is as cozy and romantic as it gets!

29. Tandem Hang Gliding

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Did you ever have that reoccurring dream as a kid where you could fly? Well, this is probably the closest you're going to get, but you get to do it with your partner! You and your partner get a full day experience with your reservation with Lookout Mountain Hang Gliding. 

30. Dinner At Polaris

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Polaris is Atlanta's only rotating restaurant and comes with fantastic views of the city. It's on the more expensive end for date night but is the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion. 

31. Grab Dessert at Sublime Doughnuts

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Sublime Doughnuts is probably the most delicious and most aesthetically pleasing doughnut shop in all of Atlanta. Your girl will probably want an IG with the neon sign, so roll with it and be sure to take way more than you think is enough!

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