You can be in denial all you want, but summer has ended and fall is here.  That's right! It's time to put away your bathing suits and break out the leather jackets and beanies. Try not to think of it as a prison sentence. Just because the weather starts to get a little gloomier, more rainy, and colder, that doesn't mean that you have to be locked up in your apartment after work.

Calling Indianapolis home means that they are endless things to do. At any given time you can take your girlfriend out to try a different restaurant or take her to a new donut shop or take her to see an exhibit at the art museum.

Even though all those options are at your fingertips, sometimes it's a little hard to sit down and decide where you want to take your SO.  And that's what this list is for! So just scroll through this list and pick something that stands out to you. Hopefully, it's something new and exciting for the two of you. Earn some brownie points, surprise your GF, and have fun exploring the city that you love.

Tuttle Orchards

Where: 5717 N 300 W, Greenfield

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Just lean into the fall vibes by taking your girl to an orchard just 30 minutes outside of Indianapolis. Going to an orchard isn’t just about apple picking. It’s also about fighting over who has to hold the bag and who gets to extend their arms to reach the shiny apples at the top. Oh, and it’s also about letting your girlfriend pick the perfect outfit to reach peak fall aesthetics for Instagram. This date idea extends beyond the orchards too! You can have a fun afternoon of using the apples to bake a pie. It’s really a two for one kind of deal!


Fast Times Indoor Karting

Where: 3455 Harper Rd

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Romance comes in all forms. Even in the form of intense competition. So get the gang ready or keep it between the two of you when you head to Fast Times to recreate some scenes from Fast & Furious. Don’t forget to put everything on the line when you bet who will win the race. A beer or a steak dinner seems like a good prize!


Tibbs Drive-In Theater

Where: 480 S Tibbs Ave

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There’s a better alternative to Netflix and chill. You can see all the latest releases with bae from the comfort of your car! Pile on the fuzzy blankets and the comfy pillows for the ultimate movie viewing experience. And it’s a 100% guilt free environment of bringing our own snacks. And the actual best part of the whole thing? You get to see two movies for the price of one! UM, HELL YES.


1933 Lounge

Where: 127 Illinois St

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People always flock to St. Elmo downstairs, but you need to check out what’s going on upstairs. For the people who can’t resist a speakeasy type bar, this place is for you. Put on your suspenders and get your girlfriend to put on her nicest dress when you come here. The atmosphere is dark and mysterious, which only adds to the fun. If there’s one thing you need to get from here, you have to try the cocktail shrimp. But only if you can handle the spice! It’ll have steam shooting from your ears!


Allison Mansion

Where: 3200 Cold Spring Rd

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Get a mix of history and nature when you arrive at the historic house. It’s located on the campus of Marian University and is a popular spot for events. The grounds are open daily to the public with beautiful gardens, a pergola, and brick walkways. There are tours available for the mansion so take advantage of that! This date spot is perfect for a relaxing afternoon enjoying each other’s company.


Newfields Garden and Lily House

Where: 4000 Michigan Rd

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Want to win some brownie points? Of course, you do. You’re after the coveted “Best Boyfriend of the Year” award! Take your SO to explore the 26-acre estate filled with gardens and conservatories. You just have to be prepared to become creative director and photographer at this Instagram photoshoot for your girlfriend. And if you go on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, check out the Lily House tour at 2 p.m.


Dark Armies

Where: 2525 Shadeland Ave

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Are you ready to bruise for your loved one? Prove it when you take on each other at Dark Armies. It’s an indoor facility for paintball and laser tag! Rain or shine, take on your enemy aka your SO and try to outsmart the other in an epic battle for the prize. Of course, you could always play on the same team, but where’s the fun in that?


Craft + Cork

Where: 3115 Meridian Parke Dr, Greenwood

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Get in touch with your artistic side while having a drink. Craft + Cork is a studio that offers events like paint nights, jewelry making sessions, and other DIY crafts. Having a drink always gets the creative juices flowing so who knows! You might discover that one of you is secretly an amazing painter. Either way, you two will walk away with a masterpiece to hang in your home.


Rustic Driving Range + Miniature Golf

Where: 5955 Terrace Ave

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A classic date that never goes out of style. Being outside doesn’t always mean doing an insane hike. Enjoy the nice weather and a rousing game of mini golf with your partner. Mini golf is never too fast-paced, but it’s a nice way to get out of the house.



Where: 881 Massachusetts Ave

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Tired of your board game selection at home? Go to Kingmakers and your head will spin because you won’t be able to make a choice of what game you want to play first. Check out new ones you’ve never played before or head straight to the tried and true games like Uno, Codenames, and Settlers of Catan. Oh, and don’t forget to order a drink because that’s what makes board games even more fun!


Eagle Creek Park

Where: 7840 W 56th St

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The biggest park in Indianapolis is waiting for you. Make it a full day affair with your GF as you go on a hike, take your furry friend to the dog park, and end the day with a romantic picnic by the water. Ryan Gosling in The Notebook who? He has nothing on you for romance.

Waterman's Family Farm

Where: 7010 E Raymond St

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Get ready for some pumpkin patch realness. It’s really not a relationship until you fight over which one of you picked the better pumpkin to carve. Enjoy a hayride, getting lost in the straw bale mazes, and a cup of hot apple cider.


Garfield Park

Where: 2345 Pagoda Dr

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Indianapolis has no shortage of parks to get lost in. When it comes to being in nature, it's all about who you've got for company. So admire the changing leaves, walk on the leaves that look the crunchiest, and head to the Sunken Garden and the conservatory to see all kinds of critters, plants, and flowers.


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Holcomb Observatory and Planetarium

Where: 4600 Sunset Ave

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Calling all Ross Gellers! Take your Rachel Green to the planetarium for a romantic night out. Take advantage of the huge telescope that offers incredible views of the Indiana night sky.


White River Gardens State Park

Where: 801 W Washington St

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Having a state park so close to downtown has its perks. After work, grab a coffee with your girlfriend and take it to go as you walk in the park for a relaxing end to a stressful day. Picture it: The leaves are falling from the tree as she rests her head on your arm. Romantic walks in the park are always a winner in the dating department.

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Tappers Arcade Bar

Where: 501 Virginia Ave

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Miss the '80s? Live out the Stranger Things aesthetic and head to this retro arcade bar! There are tons of free-to-play arcade video games and even pinball! Grab a drink, try to beat each other or try to become a legend with a new high score on one of the games!


Great Fermentations

Where: 5127 E 65th St

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You're used to drinking the beer, but have you ever made it? Try something new with your GF as you both learn the joys of figuring out how to make that perfect brew. Great Fermentations also offers classes on how to make wine, cheese, and kombucha too!


Who North America

Where:  8901 South State Rd 67, Camby

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Calling all Doctor Who nerds! Take a quick 30-minute drive from Indianapolis to see North America's largest Doctor Who store. You can find a replica of the TARDIS to take at least 20 photos with, action figures, DVDs, posters, and more. Basically, you will be set for Who memorabilia to fill your apartment. Plus, whatever she doesn't buy for herself you can secretly buy it for Christmas gift!


Action Duckpin Bowling

Where: 1105 Prospect St

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Bowling is always the answer. Especially when it comes with vintage lanes. Escape the cold and come here for a fun night out that's filled with making fun of each other for how ridiculous you look when trying to avoid a gutterball. 


The Escape Room

Where: 200 S. Meridian St

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Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, your mystery is waiting for you. You can decide between the two of you who is the great detective and who is the sidekick, but definitely fight about it before you enter a locked room for an hour. This escape room company offers interactive experiences like a bank heist, saving the country from a disease, time travel, and breaking out of jail. 


Indiana Renaissance Faire

Where: 12880 E 146th Street, Noblesville

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October isn't just for spooky fun and pumpkins. Get your costumes on and travel back in time to see jousting, live period music, comedy shows, knighting ceremonies, and swordplay. You get to live life in the Elizabethan era without, you know, the diseases, rats, and no electricity kind of deal. Oh, and make sure you get your hands on those turkey legs to chomp down on!


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Rocket Fizz

Where: 55 Monument Circle

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Get your sweet tooth on! Explore this massive candy store without a golden ticket that has everything that you have ever dreamed of eating. You'll be tempted to buy the whole store, but try to avoid that! Unfortunately, no Willy Wonka, but that doesn't mean there isn't some tasty chocolate waiting for you.


Central Canal

Where: 801 W Washington St

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Don't overlook this just because it's right downtown. It's convenient location just means you can head here after work or on a weekend for a an hour or two. The waterside promenade is the perfect backdrop for a romantic walk in the evening to have a quiet end to your day. And if you're up for it, rent a pedal boat for the weekend just for fun!

Black Market

Where: 922 Massachusetts Ave

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Billed as "eclectic," this restaurant is a mishmash of things. The menu is constantly changing, the drinks are experimental, and the patio is to die for. If it's not too cold yet, make sure to sit on the patio for dinner under the string lights for a romantic evening out.


Porter Books and Bread

Where: 5719 Lawton Loop E Dr

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Rainy days aren't so bad if you know where to go. Escape the weather to have brunch here before you peruse the bookshelves. There really isn't anything better than reading while you hear the rain outside while the easy listening Spotify playlist plays in the background. Plus, the bookshelves make an excellent background for an Instagram photo!


City Market Catacombs

Where: 222 E Market St

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Get in the spirit of Halloween by taking a tour of underground Indianapolis. Supposedly, there are no bones or crypts, but you can discover that for yourselves. The best part is there are so many places for you to hide and jump out and scare your GF. Only if she has a good sense of humor. Remember, you are trying to rack up those brownie points!


Beef and Boards Dinner Theatre

Where: 9301 N Michigan Rd

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Going to the theatre doesn't have to be a stuffy affair. Enjoy the arts while munching on some delicious food. Beef and Boards offers shows you would see on Broadway for a fraction of the price. And, um, there's a buffet dinner. So leave with your bellies full of food and your brain filled with catchy new songs you can't stop singing.


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