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16 Of Boston's Best Tattoo Artists

*No Ragrets*

Whether you love tattoos, or hate 'em; there's no denying the incredible talent of a quality tattoo artist. Not only do these pros have an eye for creativity and a meticulously detailed hand; they've got the confidence to project their art on someone else's body...permanently.

And when you're the person on the receiving end of the needle, you would hope for nothing less.

Tribal arm sleeves, watercolor leg tats, tiny geometric patterns - whatever your body stamp of choice, choosing the right tattoo artist is key. While Boston has tons of amazing ink professionals, here are 16 that we would 100% trust to use our bodies as their canvas.

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Bosco Layne // Stingray Body Art

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Dia Moeller // Boston Tattoo Co


Alicia Thomas // Boston Tattoo Co

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Adam LoRusso // Redemption Tattoo

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Brian MacNeil // Regeneration Tattoo

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Elize Nazelie // Brilliance Tattoo

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Brian Hubis // Boston Barber & Tattoo

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Neil England // Empire Tattoo

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Gonzalo Chavez // Pino Bros Ink

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Victor Kensinger // Good Faith Tattoo

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Joseph Boo // Chameleon Tattoo & Piercing

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Melissa Baker // Fat Ram's Pumpkin Tattoo


Sanjay Prajapati // Hourglass Tattoo

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Markus Blanchard // Eridanos Tattoo

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Sandra Burbul // Kaleidoscope Tattoo

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Andre Cheko // Custom Tattooing

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