What would the world be like without cheese? It hurts my brain (and my heart) to even think about it. No pizza. No mac and cheese. No nachos. No grilled cheese sandwiches. THE HORROR.

Thankfully, we live in a world with plenty of cheese. Even more thankfully, Boston does not disappoint in the cheese department.  So whether you're craving an oozing cheese pizza, a bagel smothered in rich cream cheese, or maybe just a bite out of a black of some stinky blue - here are 19 places you must visit if you're obsessed with cheese. (Too bad none of them are open after the bars close...#drunkfoodgold.)

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Roxy's Grilled Cheese // 485 Cambridge St, Allston

What to order: Classic Grilled Cheese

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Boston Burger Company // 37 Davis Square, Somerville

What to order: Mac Attack Burger

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Santarpios // 11 Chelsea St

What to order: Cheese Pizza

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Blunch // 59 East Springfield St

What to order: Meltdown

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La Famiglia Giorgio’s // 112 Salem St

What to order: Mozz Sticks

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Bagelsaurus // 1796 Mass Ave, Cambridge

What to order: Any bagel and any cream cheese

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Bukowski Tavern // 50 Dalton Street

What to order: White Trash Dip

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SoulFire // 737 Huntington Ave

What to order: Fried Mac & Cheese

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Formaggio Kitchen // 268 Shawmut Ave

What to order: Any artisan cheese

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Local 149 // 149 P Street, South Boston

What to order: Mac & Cheese (Bites or regular)

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Coppa // 253 Shawmut Avenue

What to order: Zucca e Buratta

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Anthem Kitchen and Bar // South Market Building, Faneuil Hall

What to order: Four Cheese Fondue or the Mac N Cheese

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Lolita Cocina // 271 Dartmouth St

What to order: Pan Fried Queso

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Eataly // 800 Boylston

What to order: Fresh Mozzarella at the Mozzarella Lab

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Saus // 33 Union St

What to order: Poutine

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Lulu's // 421 Cambridge St, Allston

What to order: Beer Cheese Soup...orrrr mac and cheese

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The Salty Pig // 130 Dartmouth St

What to order: Cheese Board

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Sunset Cantina // 916 Commonwealth Ave

What to order: Nachos

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Cafe Madeleine // 517 Columbus Ave

What to order: Cheesecake

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